Death threats for singing in her bra – BBC News

Death threats for singing in her bra – BBC News
My name is idiot. I made a song about discrimination. Gender bases y song is about women and people in general doing what they want wearing what they want being who they want and not being judged and not judging anyone most of the Muslim people. They think that girls should wear a hijab other societies like more open people, maybe at Mystic or something they say that hit you up is bad, but I think both of them are not true. People can be the way they want, and girls can be the way they want and no one can say what to wear or how to beat or went to get married when have kits. That is not fair. I had to have an image, and I thought of was wear a bra, but I didn’t think that the fact meet the fact that I was wearing a bra draw so much attention. I thought that the provocative thing in the music video was different. Girls brought together, but it turned out that the brought was the reason for so much noise. I react to every reaction. Well because I needed this conversation to start it will bring the awareness, the problem and I’m still both criticisms of the day.
Kyrgyz singer Zere has received death threats in response to a music video where she poses in a bra.
She made the song in order to challenge attitudes towards women in a deeply traditional country.
A central Asian state bordering China, Kyrgyzstan became independent with the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.
Most of its six million people are Turkic-speaking Muslims.
Video journalist Abdujalil Abdurasulov.

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