Democratic congresswoman ignites anti-Semitic controversy

Democratic congresswoman ignites anti-Semitic controversy
The freshmen lawmaker is taking heat for a Marx that critics are calling anti-semitic in a tweet Minnesota democratic, congresswoman, ilhan Omar suggested. The Republican support for Israel is fueled by money, specifically by donations. From approach real lobbying group. We have senior Congressional correspondent Manu Raju with details. Congresswoman ilhan Omar for Israel, the latest a series of tweets Sunday. The recording side is anti-Semitic first in response to this bread from House minority leader Kevin McCarthy that they do not take action. I think you’ll see action from my cellphone ways that we that this cannot sustain itself is unacceptable in this country. It’S All About the Benjamins baby that remarks parking an uproar, including from fellow freshmen Democrat Max Rose, who called her statements deeply hurtful to Jews, including myself, calling her statement offencive by implying that Americans support Israel because of money alone. As a controversy group Omar, something clarify her comments by tweeting, implying she was referring to the powerful pro-israel Lobby, yet that little to call the store today, gottheimer Longfellow Jewish Democrat Elaine luria seeking signatures for a letter. They planned to send a democratic leaders saying they’re deeply alarmed by recent rhetoric from certain members within our caucus was groundbreaking. Tony with Michigan Democrat Rashida tlaib is the first two Muslim woman to serve in the house or both have been critical of Israel. They have said that their positions, people and their allies believe they have been unfairly singled out because of their religion as they’ve been characterized BDS. What is a Palestinian that movement seeking to impose economic pressure on Israel? They have said efforts in Congress to Target the peaceful movement, would trample Free Speech rights to leave a palestinian-american to CNN about PDS three years ago, told CNN last week that Israel is indeed an ally of the US. We want to make sure that our all eyes are living out the same values that we pushed for is that is real. It’S singles out the only Jewish state in the world and I believe it’s inherently unfair and I do know that he’s working on some sort of statement would you expect that to come out, have not seen her today. They’Re not clarified last night, but the state of that just came out from Nancy Pelosi, along with the rest of her Democratic Leadership team. Try to make it very clear that they disagree very strongly with congresswoman almost tweets from last night and part of what they said is that a congressman monomers, you anti-semitic, tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel supporters is deeply offencive. We condemn those remarks. We call upon Congress. No marks to immediately apologized for these hurtful comments the questions. What do they do from here? I Republican I have been pushing for councilman Omar to be stripped from her. It’S committee assignment on the house Foreign Affairs committee, there’s no indication that the Democrats are willing to do that and House minority leader Kevin McCarthy of the Republic. I put a statement just earlier saying that he would move try to take action against congresswoman Omar Democratic leaders. Do not, but it’s unclear what he can really do give her. The key is in the minority. What does the first statement from democratic leaders tweet from last night?
Rep. Ilan Omar (D-MN) faces backlash after suggesting Republican support of Israel is fueled by donations from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a prominent pro-Israel group.

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