Democrats are in an election give-away contest: Varney

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Democrats are in an election give-away contest: Varney
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Democrats are in an election give-away contest: Varney
Democrats are in an election give-away contest: Varney
I’M calling this the great election giveaway contest, which candidate offers the most. At this point I give the extra but he’s giving more right now. Bunny is outlining his student loan giveaway. It’S huge 1.6 billion dollars worth of student debt would be forgiven. If you have a student loan, a present sound of the sitting in the Oval Office, your debt will be wiped out. His promise that we can talk all day, long about who gets the benefit and how much it would cost a new was going to pay but step back for a moment and just look at what leftist politics have created here. It is basically a vast vote-buying scheme and look what you get bunny is targeting Millennials the largest voting Bloc in 2020, fresh out of college saddled with that it would surely be tempted to just vote jack off your back. That’S buddies. Calculation is buying or trying to buy the millennial vote he’s giving 1.6 trillion dollars. Senator Warren student plan only 600 billion student debt is not the only giveaway by the way. Medicare-For-All is right up there in the boat buying business sign. Doesn’T water offering free healthcare at a million trillion and a half a year? The green New Deal play boys to a job house for all given to you, don’t forget reparations for slavery and a new gift from reparations for games. Have the Democrats win a bidding war who can offer the most just wait for the debates on Wednesday and Thursday and come up with the biggest nuoffer? Have we ever seen presidential election, where one party focus is entirely on spending your money to buy Power for them?
FBN’s Stuart Varney on 2020 Democratic presidential candidates competing in how much they can offer to give away in an effort to boost votes.

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