Democrats fear Warren, Bernie splitting up the far-left vote

Democrats fear Warren, Bernie splitting up the far-left vote
Democrats fear Warren, Bernie splitting up the far-left vote
As the 2020 race heats up, concerns are growing among Democratic voters. That candidates, like Senator Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, will split the far-left vote. Specifically, some Iowa State voters expressing worries their policies would eclipse the moderate candidates, like Joe Biden, dreaming out Trump’s 2020 campaign Advisory Board member Madison gesiotto Madison how to be concerned about for a while and as we get closer and closer to the Iowa caucuses and to All of the primary teeth can a sweater be very worried because when it comes down to it – and you look at these very far left policies that people like Bernie and Elizabeth support within the Democratic party looking medicare-for-all is a great example that many of them currently Have numbers go down resting the overall support for Medicare for all dropping in the polls and, of course, when you compare the plants to some of the more moderate plants that are built off of Obamacare, that only 36 % of these Democrats support Medicare for all. Why are Elizabeth Warren’s number surging? I mean. Why does she continue to do better, but I think she’s gaining support, because I think it’s a beginning. A lot of people in the Democratic party underestimated her and underestimated what should be able to do she’s putting out very stupid politics to she does have some support she’s going to continue to gain traction, a lot of that being voters that voted for Bernie when it Comes down to it, do you think that Joe Biden continues to stay in the lead? I mean he it’s it’s been solid since he got in in spite of the gas, in spite of you know him seeming. Like yesterday’s Democrat is so many Democrats he’s still hanging on to that later, very, very interesting. This is something I don’t think a lot of us expected, especially after what has happened over the past few months, while he’s been in the race and his poor debate performance in that first democratic debate, I still don’t think it’s too late for another, potentially jump Spotlight From him, so I think we need to keep an eye out for someone coming in and in the fourth quarter and potentially winning the Democratic nomination. Because if you look at the field I mean Elizabeth Warren is kind of the. Only other person has been popular, a real number is, who do you think would come in and steal that Thunder real quick and you look at a lot of the people from the beginning that people thought would be gaining a lot more traction. They already look at that O’Rourke we’ll be looking for that surprise candidate to jump.
Trump 2020 campaign advisory board member Madison Gesiotto on the concerns that Democratic presidential candidates Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders will split the far-left vote.

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