Democrats Hit Trump On Trade, Immigration, Race & More At Third 2020 debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Democrats Hit Trump On Trade, Immigration, Race & More At Third 2020 debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Democrats Hit Trump On Trade, Immigration, Race & More At Third 2020 debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Nbc News headquarters in New York, Brian Williams, along with Nicole Wallace, the third Democratic primary debate, has just wrapped up at Houston’s Texas, Southern University among the largest historically black colleges and universities in our nation. Tonight’S was the first Beto’s. You know what this crowded election cycle, in which all 10 top contenders shared one stage Ant-Man. It meant that front-and-center were Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders finally facing off for the first time turn on the most important issue to democratic voters. Among the most divisive, divisive topics of the evening, in fact, was Healthcare more on that in a moment. But first the night got underway was Senator Kamala Harris Beach directly to one viewer, but you don’t get. What you don’t get is that the American people are so much better than this, and we know that the vast majority of us have so much more and then what separates us, regardless of our race where we live, are the party with which were registered to vote And I plan on focusing on our common issues are common hopes and desires and in that way, unifying our country, winning this election and turning the Primerica Fox News. Overwatch key seem to regard as some sort of senior moment the difference between what I support and will you support Vice President Biden? Is it you require them to opt-in and I would not require them to opt-in. They would automatically be in. They wouldn’t have to buy him. That’S a big difference, because Barack Obama’s Vision was not to leave 10 million people uncovered every single person in this country covered. My plan would do that your plan would not you just said that two minutes ago you just said 2 minutes ago that they would have to buy. It said they would have to buy it play. I can’t believe that you said 2 minutes ago that they had to buy in and now you’re saying, you’re, forgetting that react and real-time controversial moment for sure it’ll be interesting to find out what Sanders said to Biden there between the two men but the accusation from Castro practically calls out for a fact check. It appears that, in fact, Biden did not say is that Americans would have to buy into his health care policy here’s what he did say can afford. It gets automatically enrolled in a Medicare type option. We have it set her, but guess what about a hundred and sixty million people who like their Healthcare now they can keep it if they don’t like it onstage and it called about it. It brought about calls for Unity and civility with mayor Pete’s, leading the charge. Everybody of what they cannot stand about Washington points against each other at each other and telling each other that you’re my plan, we all got called a Democratic primary election, we’re here for a little action, so airing a little bit of the laundry publicly on stage tonight. It was in it was as if someone might have told them prior to this event, here’s the deal – Obama good Trump bad. We showed the moment that the hulyan Castro was the skunk at the garden party. I don’t think, there’s an appetite I think of Joe Biden. This is a nominee if he falls from what happened months and months and months of an enduring lead. This race is not that fluid at the top, and I don’t think anything that happened tonight. We’Ll move Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren out of those top three spots. I think the only thing if you’re looking for some sort of action or anyone that could be in motion after tonight, I think Beto O’Rourke, who found his voice after the massacre and I’ll Paso. He still has that voice. He still spoke with Clarity. He seems to have gained some confidence between for the matching those moments he attends you salty language, at work for John McCain, so I I find that familiar and refreshing some people might not like it if he still has that for the clarity that he really showcased. After El Paso we had some moments but whether it jostles him out of sort of the bottom top 10 – I don’t know, I think Pete buttigieg was very much on brand tonight. So you know whoever emerges as the nominee who did Buddha judge will be named at a very early stage as someone who will be in his cabinet because he’s just so talented so likable. Let’S go to our man in Houston, Texas, Chris Matthews, in the spin room adjacent to the venue tonight Chris. What was the view from there and with calls for Unity, a very strong call by Amy Klobuchar for Unity, I’m not intending to be present for half the American people, but for all the American people. I think it was a push back against hard ideology of the democratic left. That was a thing, but then I thought some of the strong ideologues. The people have strong agendas like Warren and Bernie Sanders, wear very clear where they stand, certainly medicare-for-all, no more private insurance. Absolute position on that Bernie and her turn on paying off all the student loans and then also when an ideological party sort of purity test. A beta came along and said he’s going to nut, just buy back automatic ref for the semi-automatic assault rifles, but the man that they sell them. I don’t know where you I noticed that the talk about an executive order. This would be extraordinary ruling by the Supreme Court that would allow a president use executive orders to demand the end of ownership by automatic weapons by semi-automatic assault weapons. I just think he’s worth 3 or 4 case of extreme ideological positions, but generally I thought there was a push back on that stage against the hard left. I heard a lot of calls for Unity. I thought there was a lot more push back on all-out Healthcare. Medicare for all, without any health insurance from their private sector, I thought it was a lot of pushback that it wasn’t every 4th and on Border issues fascinating last time around. I think it was Castor, was about decriminalizing illegal border criss-crossing. None of that tonight. Very careful, and by the way, I’m glad you scored against Castro in the issue of attempted to explain the guy for having Alzheimer’s Fox Ron and in terms of confidence that he was the one that risk his position tonight, not fighting Chris Matthews. I can’t help but notice Senator Klobuchar over your right shoulder and we will come back for you. We will come back to you know the drill when Chris gets a candidate wired up and ready to go, we’ll go to Chris in Houston with us here. Members of our family in rstudio, Claire mccaskill, former Democratic senator from the great state of Missouri Eugene, Robinson Pulitzer, prize-winning columnist for the washer, enjoy read the host of am Joy weekend’s here on MSNBC at the big board. Tonight are National correspondent, Steve kornacki good evening and welcome to you all Senator, by dint of your title, we’re going to begin with you work, King’s or Queen’s, made or destroyed on that stage tonight. What’S your headline Warren and Biden of attention, I felt on that stage we’re for the bottom V. This was their lack really in some ways, their last moment to make a lasting impression to try to get in to the probably move, the needle some down the line, but I’m not sure anything tonight move the needle, except, I think Castro offended people the way he Did that, and it won’t surprise me if it helps fighting, I totally agree with what question for long stretches of the bay to me seem like Biden versus the fringes, Biden versus the Aden, and they were trying to get some for the purchase. I think you State the damage that Castro did to himself tonight. You know he would have lost a lot of support if he had a lot of support to lose. He didn’t he had a little support and I think it’s I think it’s basically over good shot. Just really went over like a lead balloon. It was said that was that was a bad day for him, wise and presidential and unit rates UFC’s. He figured presents himself in a in a way that you could sort of Imagine in a general election. I think he might have done himself some good tonight in the debate Amber Richardson, wasn’t pressed on a might have been pressed on baby. He will be in future debate other than that. I didn’t see a lot of movement. What you wishing I had a camera in that room. We had some great times a couple. You have to always remember who is likable among your opponents and why they’re likable – and I think that going after buying is smart in the sense that he is at the top. And if you want to get at the top. Youth eventually take him on. But you have to remember people Donald Trump unlikeable finger to most American people. They may not know enough about Joe Biden to know the things in his past and when they find them out, they may be disappointed. But fundamentally, Democrats like him go out and Democrats are fundamentally horrified and terrified and totally turned off by criticism of him Progressive activist who is very critical of specific things about President Obama on their side. Fundamentally, in a way that presume that people don’t like this person that you can go after that harsh, I think that was too harsh on his part for the other. If you win, he just wants to send a message. I think it’s authentic. I think he was authentic tonight and then I’ll after that warrant. No one touched her. She was strong enough. Nobody said a word about Senator Harris and I thought she had a one of them is exactly Democrats, Anakin Green in the polls. Today, Twitter videos were putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos?
The top ten Democrats running in the 2020 campaign face off in the third presidential debate, this time in Houston. MSNBC’s Brian Williams is joined by Nicolle Wallace, Joy Reid, Eugene Robinson, Claire McCaskill, Steve Kornacki, Chris Matthews and more join to discuss how the candidates did.
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Democrats Hit Trump On Trade, Immigration, Race & More At Third 2020 debate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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