Democrats mock Barr’s absence with toy chicken

Democrats mock Barr’s absence with toy chicken
Democrats mock Barr’s absence with toy chicken
The Fallout from the mother reported got a lot more heated today, Donald Trump’s Attorney General William Barr skipped before he could now be held in contempt questions. There was an empty chair in the space where bar was meant to sit. He was captured on camera earlier, leaving his home heading to the office, but not to Capitol Hill cbc’s Lindsey dunco is on Capitol Hill she’s. Watching these tensions is a ramped-up. Well, you made it there Lindsey, but why did he skip the Judiciary Committee hearing today? Who have control of the committee wanted? Lawyers were part of the committee staff to be able to ask questions alongside the lawmakers, and that would mean for longer questioning, as opposed to that 5-minute turn sedatives have to take, and that’s not the only reason for the tension here, though, because the Democrats really see This as part of the Trump administration’s larger resistance to Congressional oversight, the problems that they’re having the subpoenas on other the Committees, songs that they’re having getting Donald Trump’s tax returns, and that is how Jerry Nadler who’s. The chair of the committee A-frames the situation today. Here’S what he had to say choice choice is now an obligation of our office. The choice is simple: we can stand up to this President and defense of the country and the Constitution and the Liberty we love or we can let the moment passes by Republican. Is it see this in a different light to Republicans is a political stunt that the Democrats are doing on purpose to keep attention on the Mueller report? Here’S how the top ranking member Republican on the City address the situation disagree with the attorney general before yesterday. He said for over almost six hours in the Senate voluntarily asking questions even on the second round. It was taken up by democrats who wanted to ask more question: can a greedy too good to do bats? It doesn’t matter, but we’re not getting that opportunity today, because the stunts in the circus continues over here is hearing today. Yes, a toy chicken that was brought to the Congressional hearing room along with a bucket of fried chicken. This was a member on the Democratic side who wanted to make a point that point being that by not showing up that the Attorney General is behaving like you guessed it a chicken so a little bit of political theater on going on. At the same time as this, I suppose we can talk about who’s, got egg on their face or not is an ongoing negotiation so for all of the theater today, nothing really changed. The Attorney General is speaking to the committee and they’re trying to find a way to make this hearing work, and the chair said that he’d give it to the end of the week for Monday to try to come up with the solution and if they can’t, then The committee can put the Attorney General in contempt. That’S a lengthy process of, but there couldn’t see, is some legal consequences for bar from the leader of the Democrats. When she was asked about bars testimony yesterday and she said that bar lied. While he was appearing in front of a congress, he was more from Nancy Pelosi. He lied to Congress if anybody else did that it would be considered a crime. Nobody is above the law, not the president of the United States and not the Attorney General being the Attorney General does not give you a bath say whatever you want all of this. If there’s another drama Yet to Come, Democrats want to hear from Robert Mueller. The justice department says that is possible. Timing has yet to be a workday, but I hearing with the special counsel that has a special counsel could happen in the next couple of weeks. Likely. No chickens there
Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are threatening to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt if he does not comply with the panel’s demands to testify. One congressman brought a toy chicken and a bucket of KFC to suggest Barr is scared to appear.

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