Democrats refuse Trump’s DACA extension for border wall deal

Democrats refuse Trump’s DACA extension for border wall deal
It’S a thirty one of the partial shutdown and President Trump is blasting democrats for rejecting his proposal to reopen the government, the president, offering up protections for DACA recipients in exchange for border wall funding, but Democrats are refusing to budge Senator Chuck Schumer while slamming trunks compromised. If he opens up, the government will discuss whatever he offers, but hostage-taking should not work. The American people are overwhelmingly against it. The president poll ratings are plummeting because even his own borders agree that this is a bad tactic and the it’s very hard to negotiate when a gun is held to your head just a moment while 13 minutes ago. Actually, President Trump tweeted about the wall again a said that if Nancy Pelosi thinks requesting that we take down all the existing walls just built in Sandy at their very strong urging strangers just flow into the United States. And that actually was a question that I wanted to ask Brad, which is a moral. If you go if you’re there, how do you get to go she ate two? Is it a moral or immoral? I think we have a problem with practical compromise. Is the more infantile and personal the Democrats seem to be taking this? I probably started at the wrong and you should always begin with a multifaceted approach, the problem, the the prison of two ideas. We keep saying you could only have one position right: you’re, either for immigration or against immigration, and that is bologna. You can have a number of different positions and immigration, for example, my I’m pro-immigration and I’m Pro Refugee with extreme vetting. I don’t see how you, I think your refugees make great City because they’re grateful what you got in that extreme vetting, because you never know if there’s going to be terrorists coming in the old Skittle metalform, but that is that is a that’s out. The unliving outside of this prison, tattoo ideas, border security, the president, is come off his position of like a whole wall across the whole thing like that, but hostage-taking that takes it to a new strain, negotiate with that, and we can’t even border security until you do That the president offered in later on the point, if you say you’re for the wall, the Democrats have to say we’re against the wall. Every reporter should be asking very question: congresswoman Senator you believe that we should tear down the existing walls since they are immoral and since they obviously don’t work, you would have the government reopened right now, if we had Affair media in this country, because they would be Asking these logical questions to Democrats and not protecting the Democratic position and the intensity would be so so strong Nancy she would have to come to the negotiating table. Believe she’s lost this argument. If you look at her getting grounded on the flight, if you look at the Puerto Rican PR disaster Trump is moderating his these logical arguments. They just can’t argue with all they say is so it’s mean. So if you look at what he’s offering he’s offering humanitarian assistance he’s offering changes the Asylum, he says only two order: Navy additional walls to be needed in to be built and what are they say? No and millions of people are still not getting paid. I don’t think that’s very compassionate. I mean it’s no Jesse. If this was about the meeting, I think it’s about the media. Think it’s about the president and his standing with that considers to be a political symbol that he can’t afford to lose my they would have gone back and said: hey! Mister president, I thought Mitch McConnell the Republicans in the Senate. Let’S keep the government open, let’s keep people getting paid, let’s keep our economy growing and then let’s negotiate initially would have the presents, and then he said no because of pressure from the right-wing talk show host or maybe the media if they were everything. Mr. president, you had a republican majority for 2 years in the house, and the Senate didn’t seem to be a priority. Did it but here’s the thing he now goes after Nancy Pelosi as radical radical. What’S radical here is the president: has a weak negotiate can and I think it’s starting to show. I think people are disappointing. What came Saturday bright, but there’s going to be a big enough when he’s going to do something big on Saturday afternoon. I absolutely not a he said if it’s so easy. Why don’t you tell me what the president now is talking about what we could have more technology? We could have more border agents, we could have more judge. He sounds like he’s starting to negotiate on the Democrats, but he doesn’t. He doesn’t say I’m going to stop this, I’m going to stop this shutdown is hurting our economy mistake because he was only focus on the wall. That was the campaign promise that he had to talk about other things. We need these various, but I’m also going to provide humanitarian Aid.. Do you need the wall for him not to say that he lost and he crapped himself have to remove the component? That’S the wall in order for the Democrats to get on board, that’s because they want to deny him that talking points that he made a campaign. Promise and happy include that border security measure in there it’s a campaign about. I don’t see that at all
Trump blasts Democrats over latest border deal rejection as the partial government shutdown reaches day 31. Reaction and analysis on ‘The Five.’ #TheFive #FoxNews

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