Dennis Oland found not guilty in retrial over father’s death

Dennis Oland found not guilty in retrial over father’s death
Dennis Oland found not guilty in retrial over father’s death
Adjudge in New Brunswick has found guilty of murdering his father. The death of Richard Oland in St John 8 years ago shocked the city in 2015, a jury found Dennis guilty of second-degree murder and that verdict was over an appeal. Today we got the conclusion from his retrial before a judge alone. The CDC Terry for still is at the courthouse in St John. So are we thank you for joining us. Take us through the judge’s reasoning. Terrence Morrison Drive to a packed courtroom this morning and then overflow crowd in another courtroom and made clear in the remarks he gave in his 20 minutes summary of his decision. What the burden of proof he said that the crown had to prove beyond the Dennis Oland struck the Fatal blow that killed his father, Richard Olin and then Justice Morrison went through some of the evidence used by the prosecution to try to establish that guilt. Talk about the sports jacket and had Warren that showed Flex of his father’s blood on it. He spoke about the lack of trace evidence on or near Dennis, Oland trace, evidence being any indication of blood spatter on shoes or inside the vehicle Dennis holding drove that day or on any of the items that he happened to be carrying in his hands. In the course of that day he talked about the lack of a murder weapon in the end assist Morrison. I told the courtroom that the crown had failed to show sufficient motive has proved Beyond doubt that Dennis Oland is guilty of the murder of his father and he declared a Dennis Holden, not guilty. No after that, when the lawyers that came out of the courtroom, we heard from Alan gold, the lawyer Dennis Oland, and he reflected on the shortcomings of the case and especially on the failure of the Saint John Police Department to carry out a thorough investigation. In his mind, he referred to the the tunnel vision that the police force showed in focusing in how they focus directly on Dennis Oland, as the only likely perpetrator in this case. Here’S some of what Ellen gold had to say. I’M disappointed in a police force that that I say demonstrated tunnel vision, but this is a phenomenal that courts of struggled with and Ministers of Josh’s have struggled with so there’s nothing in a saint, an unfortunate sex. There’S nothing unusual in what took place here and gold speaking they’re, making clear he was not satisfied with the shortcomings of the investigation by the Saint John, please, 410 North clearly was the judge because he delivered a verdict today of not guilty. Well, they say is, of course, a difficult time in what Alan gold was saying after the after the verdict today was, you know great: they found Dennis Oland not guilty of a crime he did not commit. The question now is who did Commit This heinous crime? Is a terrible attack on Richard Olinda member, the Olin family and here’s be able to keep in mind that the only family while they may have their son and nephew., there’s still the question of who killed Richard Oland. Here’S Alan gold again just remember – I mean batters, a suspect for two years, so you know there’s not much to Rejoice the boat other than finally, it was appropriate. Result was reached and now the family can start rebuilding it and living their life. Alan Goldstein, the lawyer for Dennis Oland, this has been an eight-year Legacy RT, since Richard Olen was found murdered in his office 6 years, since his own son, Dennis Holden, was accused of that murder. It has been the topic of conversation. They should not just in the city of st. John of the Cross, this province and the even with today’s not guilty verdict. It’S hard to believe … Topic of conversation will continue for some time to come.
Dennis Oland has been found not guilty of 2nd-degree murder in relation to the 2011 death of his multimillionaire father. New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Terrence Morrison spent 10 weeks deliberating before coming to a decision in the retrial.

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