Derrick Rose offers advice to Dwight Howard, reveals his lowest point in NBA | Stephen A. Smith Show

Derrick Rose offers advice to Dwight Howard, reveals his lowest point in NBA | Stephen A. Smith Show
Derrick Rose offers advice to Dwight Howard, reveals his lowest point in NBA | Stephen A. Smith Show
You were a three-time All-Star, you were in the Pu at the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Finals of the NBA Finals. Devastating injury in a very short. Of time to get cut can Derek to be a Hall of Famer. That is not hyperbole. That is, and I’m sure you knew that as well and all the sudden you have the injuries heartbreaks and in these personal or professional failures, getting cut by the respective Derek. Of course, emotion you can think of, but to talk on the Hall of Fame thing Hall of Famer and everybody eyes, but to the people that I grew up with like I made it are executed. I got to where I was at. I’Ve been having these same expectations. I have now that were thrown on me in 6th grade he’s. All that I got through all that imagine like being sick and 12 or 13, and everywhere you go. People are like putting like their burdens on you, like man, you were going to be the one to make it. You know what you had it like you going to one shorty, you the one you like what like when I was younger. I used to always like prayer lie, because when people used to say things like that, I felt like they were jinxing me and it was just a weird position of being and now looking back at it happy that I had the the Dementors I had. I was open and vulnerable enough to to talk to people when they was uncomfortable, and I got through it uncomfortable to discuss nothing. My mom, like my mom, like being around her, we tend to like independent and when we have to have time to go through tough times. We we shut everybody out and we we feel like. We can handle everything ourselves, and I think I got that that from her, where Time-It I never worried about basketball. My problems were always like off the court, like with white friendships, like I have one of my friends tell me that he had to step away from me because of like the because we’re in the hot seat at the time, and at the time I didn’t feel, I didn’t like I couldn’t comprehend now. I couldn’t understand it because it was like bro. We got this far like with like through the book. We got this far, why you stepping away now, but I was worried about not basketball as of late. So what makes you still want to keep playing basketball like, of course, I love the game when you, when you’re in a game, and you learn the business. I grew up in the business side and back a little bit because you start to see that and cuz. I had to change from a how to go from me to actually like purely just loving the game, to understand the game. 2. All right, I’m so totally only doing it. For my kids, like like during the time that I was thinking about retiring, I thought about my son and I thought about how he wouldn’t be able to like come to the games before like to shoot around with me to work out with me before the games. Like I was taking that away from him – and I was being so – and I have to grow up basically and just stick it through they just friendships and friendships and going through turmoil with just being in Chicago going places. People talk in their. It was just a lot to go through in your own time, activate advice for someone else, Dwight Howard. What have you for continuing? On Los Angeles? I will have to say, be patient my advice to someone else like our. I didn’t know at the time that I was going through everything that my my dick is like blessing with my calmness like I was always wonder, like professions, I have to be an extrovert, I have to be social. I have to do all this stuff because this is required to thinking this is worth what’s required from me, but little did I know. Is that no like be who you are you’re quiet? I ain’t no way into work was until I was like in my 20s. This whole time I didn’t know, I had to go back to my room and recharge something, and everybody have to do this or everybody’s 40. This way is little things that you know. So that’s. Why, like I didn’t know nothing about that stuff like little things like that, helped me along way to understand who I was as a person as a man how to express yourself and get certain things I do for you. I have a huge fan of people that relate to me or just get a feeling or vibe from you from Subway somehow, and I never open up to anyone like the way that I did or like I’m doing right now, and this is gesso a little insight On who I am as a person feel like I’m very complex, you can put everything in the book, but I wanted to give you a visual. That’S why I put out the documentary I’m giving you a book so you’ll be able to read it and you never know what the future may hold download the ESPN app and premium content subscribe to ESPN + right now.
On The Stephen A. Smith show, Detroit Pistons guard Derrick Rose joins Michael Eaves to talk about his tumultuous career, including his low points while fighting injury, why he feels like a Hall of Famer, why he wants to stay in the NBA despite the struggles, what rock bottom was, and the advice he’d give to Dwight Howard.

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