Dershowitz: Manafort ‘crime’ is associating with Trump

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Dershowitz: Manafort ‘crime’ is associating with Trump
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jurors were selected today for Paul manafort criminal trial in eastern district of Virginia manafort is in deep trouble and now he has not been convicted of anything he’s already being punished severely a large group of FBI agents all of them armed stormed into his earlier this year apparently surprising his wife in the shower terrifying his family they could have made a simple call to his lawyer but they didn’t manafort then had his bail revoked and unusual penalty that is for 68 year old man with no criminal convictions he has been held in solitary confinement pretty much ever since for 23 hours a day for the crimes he used to have in the state of Virginia manafort now faces 305 years in prison that several life sentences if you guess murder guess again most murders don’t get treated like that by the government the average finally found in this country receives just six and a half years behind bars no Paul manafort is accused of something far worse than murder tax evasion and violating banking the government isn’t even suggesting the manafort stole money from a bank they’re saying he was dishonest on loan application for that solitary confinement and 305 years in prison will if you’re confused maybe this will clear up the store for you the prosecutor is leading the case against Paul manafort is named Andrew Weissman he’s an enthusiastic Democratic parties and he was a guest and Hillary Clinton’s election night party in New York now we trying to send Donald Trump’s campaign manager to prison for life on a tax charge for perspective on that the average sentence for tax fraud in this country is a year and 3 months if we much longer though if you have the wrong politics apparently Alan dershowitz is retired Harvard Law School Professor the author of the case against impeaching Trump tonight Professor going to make the the obvious disclaimer I don’t know Paul manafort I’m still not going to vouch for his ethics but looking at this pretty carefully this is a case about tax evasion and bank fraud and he’s getting a sentence word he’s threatened with a sentence that is so disproportionate compared to the average that it makes you wonder what is going on here well it’s very simple his crime is being associated with Donald Trump the judges presiding over the case the judge ruled and said they’re not interested in metaphor for they’re just trying to get him convicted so they can squeeze him and if you squeeze witness not only does the witness sing but sometimes according to the judge the witness composes that is who becomes creative he makes up information he elaborates because they know the better the story the better the deal so this today is not about manafort’s manafort hadn’t been associated with the Trump campaign he’d be out in New York or wherever doing his business it’s an attempt to convicted with whatever they can possibly find against them no matter how late it is to the Mueller probe in order to squeeze him and get him to saying and maybe even compose well how is that different from what the mafia does do what I want I’ll take your life away that’s not justice as I thought it was practiced in this country at all well unfortunately it is the way justice has been practiced against them off you had against terrorists and we civil libertarian have long been opposed to this way of dealing with problems but the Civil Libertarians are quiet today why because object is Donald Trump do you hear the ACLU complaining about the National Association of criminal defense lawyers complaining about the Democrats against other people but now you have some zealots with sign saying lock him up lock him up when they had signs saying lock her up lock her up relating to Hillary Clinton cuz I’d be making this argument if Hillary Clinton been elected president and Republican I took this hurts Trump is good if it helps Trump it’s no good the Republicans take the opposite point of view it’s not real good it’s not good for justice it’s not good for civil liberties filling out the bank forms correctly it’s pretty unbelievable thank you for your perspective on thank you
Harvard law scholar Alan Dershowitz on the bank and fraud trial of former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort: Prosecutors are trying to ‘squeeze’ him with the threat of a disproportionate long sentence. #Tucker

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