DeSantis on ‘big boost’ from Trump in Fla. governor’s race

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DeSantis on ‘big boost’ from Trump in Fla. governor’s race
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Tiffany president Trump had the Florida campaign campaign rally trying to get Congressman Ron DeSantis above as it looks to become the next governor of Florida dry the Santa’s as my guest it has done for your campaign in his primary well obviously you know he’s the 800-pound gorilla and Republican politics and I think a lot of our voters at the Grassroots level or frustrated when they see some Republicans now trying to support them until that something that they look for you know are you supporting the president well in my case people are saying that the president supporting me so that’s a great thing to have an especially in a primary went all the Canada try to say a lot of the same thing say they’re so conservative how to record and always bear that out but I think Trump support kind of separates the wheat from the chaff and I think it’s been I’ve been a big boost for me support in Florida Pam Bondi and others he was 22 it’s just a different model of leadership also in terms of our record you know I’ve been a proven conservative leader and my actions back up my reality reality atom is somebody even some of his high-profile supporters have called him Dynasty Adam Putnam for being weak on illegal immigration trying to reinvent himself now but it’s not really working and then obviously you have the president and in that factor so I think that those are a number of factors I’ll tell you though Fox doing a debate early on in the price Mary was a big differentiator and I think that really reset the race and set the tone and we basically just built momentum from that point on you mentioned that before here’s that we from the day the White House West Wing I’ll be in Tampa later tonight this and this will be a great governor for Florida strong on crime borders and our 2nd Amendment big help on tax regulation Cuts loves our military and our best has my full and total endorsement especially in the primary there are those who are affected boarding primary candidates but not general election candidates what would you argue on that have a lot of success in the general election across the country but here in Florida Bill our state is going in the right direction we’ve done a lot of good things under Governor Scott’s leadership or unemployment rates under for were really and historic opportunity to expand our economic base and really create high paying jobs because of the Trump tax cut and I think that Florida voters are going to want to continue the success and so we’ve got a good story to tell as Republicans down here and I think that’s going to carry the day here but I also think the president supported some of these other states in these key Senate races like Missouri like North Dakota like Montana I think that’s going to be critical and more Republicans to the US Senate starting at 1:19 he read stories mr. Trump said you’re fired I love that part make America great again but he is so much more that’s pretty obvious sir well Bill you know sometimes in this process you know you got to be able to take a step back and laugh at yourself a little bit have a little fun with it on my wife is my best supporter and best friend I wanted in Urdu letters to her into my family which is obviously number one for me we also wanted to do it in a way that the people can get a little laugh out of and we could have kind of a lighter touch and you know for people that are getting upset about it just shows they have no sense of humor and they just totally don’t get you know we are trying to convey thank you sir weeks away
Republican congressman and candidate for Florida governor reacts to the president traveling to his state to rally voters.

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