Destructive California wildfire creates its own weather system

fireplace rubble and Ash are all that’s left of this Redding California neighborhood so many homes hear devoured by fire today some residents were allowed back in to survey the damage Roar up the canyon and take her house out and so Thursday night about 7 our worst nightmare came true that tore through Reading late last week move faster than anyone expected and created a rare vortex fire behavior that we’ve we have not experienced or seen or witnessed in a generation here in Northern California able to get it 20% but winds and high temperatures are forecast and officials are keeping most of the 38000 evacuees out of their homes for another night hanging Mendocino County doubled in size overnight the entire town of Lakeport was empty today as flames approached sheriff came and you know that I’m coming down the street and they went door-to-door with quick to leave she knows how fast the Flames can move it’s horrible my daughter lost her home in the Valley fire almost 3 years ago so you know it’s pretty dramatic becoming all too common in California fire season usually kicks into high gear in August and September and now it seems to last all year round over a year and unfortunately this year doesn’t look to be any different thousands of firefighters are working around the clock to maintain the control lines on the fires while communities worried about trying to survive and the new Norm Renee filipponi CBC News Vancouver normal but it’s just as unpredictable as ever in part because that car fire is burning so hot weather system Ryan snoddon right part of why this fire is gotten so bad so quickly is that California is been going through drought like conditions everything is dry so when Meijer does spark it has so much fuel to burn through now we’re seeing two unusual things with this fire pyrocumulus clouds or mushroom clouds and fire tornadoes so first those mushroom clouds caused by are rushing it the intensity that moisture condensing and Rising all very quickly and it can be dangerous because these big clouds create their own whether it’s like a thunderstorm lightning localized winds that makes the fire even more volatile and harder to predict than it was and then there are these fire tornadoes or firenado when a fire is burning extremely hot the surrounding areas word gets pulled in like a vacuum forming these funnels they’re strong enough to rip rooms off of houses trees out of the ground and they can start new fires by stirring up Ash and throwing Amber’s far into the air they only last typically a few minutes right but I guess I mean few minutes they can really matter up there so so tell me what are the next few days in the next few weeks look like for fire Crews leave anytime soon the National Weather Service warning of extreme heat low humidity and got up to 40 kilometers per hour thank you
The destructive Carr wildfire in California is so big, it has created its own micro weather system, making it harder to predict what it will do next. It’s one of many fires burning in the state right now, none of which is contained.

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