Did Finland’s basic income experiment work? – BBC News

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Did Finland’s basic income experiment work? – BBC News
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Did Finland’s basic income experiment work? – BBC News
My name is Tanya, I’m 30 years old. I live in oulu in the northern Finland and I have only worked 4 or 5 months in a factory. I don’t remember last time that I went to store and bought food. I get food from my mom, that’s so embarrassing. I want to work and I want to be able to go to the store I’ll, buy my own food and buy whatever I want. I want that cheese and I want to be able to buy the by the good cheese. You know. My name is Sir Thomas Mariah, I’m a freelance journalist and an author, but I have been without work since 2013, foreign news editor and in the search Daily Newspaper in Finland, but then they decided to put down all the section of the Foreign Affairs. So basically, I lost my job. It’S not easy to find a job as a journalist in the capital of England. I took this job offer no more. It’S telemarketing! I actually enjoy my job lot. I love my coworkers. I love the office I’ll after hours and picture of fluff to pay being independent, earning my own money and standing on my own two feet. I couldn’t have taken a job with a little lower salary at first I was quite skeptical about, but then I realized it is actually a genius idea. I think I have turn my life around. I can say that the basic income has changed a lot in my life: okay, psychologically, yes, but financially, not so much! I have still over. You have to go so anything can happen.. So I’m quite optimistic, let’s see during summer time next year, I’ll have a job! Oh, my God faces in gums is coming to an end. What do I do now so worried? I can pay my loan. What to do? I’M so worried that my finances will collapse completely turn on take the first job that I get application to be unemployed. It’S very hot to say why I don’t manage to get the permanent job, because I have applied over 80 times and only once I have been to an interview. Sometimes they suggest or are they they? They? Let me know that I’m perhaps too old and perhaps too experienced 2 years ago, it was like winning the lottery end up bureaucracy. I was free to concentrate myself to go to my work now. I feel a little bit sad and I got this letter not lost. My hope
Finland has just completed a major basic income experiment where 2,000 unemployed people were given €560 (£490) a month for two years, instead of their unemployment benefit.

The basic income was paid with no strings attached. Recipients weren’t required to seek or accept jobs but still received the payment if they found a job.

The Finnish government wanted to see if this financial incentive encouraged people to get jobs or start businesses.

The BBC followed two participants, Tanja and Tuomas, for two years to see what impact free money had on their lives.

Producer: Erika Benke. Camera: Richard Perry and Maxim Lomakin.

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