Did Hong Kong Police Abuse Protesters? What the Videos Show. | Visual Investigations

Did Hong Kong Police Abuse Protesters? What the Videos Show. | Visual Investigations
Did Hong Kong Police Abuse Protesters? What the Videos Show. | Visual Investigations
Your got, beaten and dragged protesters in Hong Kong have accused the police if using excessive force during a political demonstration. In June, Hong Kong officials have pushed back in accordance with our guidelines the New York Times analyze. Hundreds of videos spoke to protesters who were beaten and interviewed experts in crowd, control caught on camera and show the police officers. According expert on June, 9th 1 million people took to the streets to protest a bill that would allow Hong Kong to detain and extradite people to Mainland China. The Proposal Stokes fears over the erosion of civil liberties that have long set home parts in Chinese Mainland protesters. 2 days later, on June 12th, lawmakers put the bill to vote thousands government headquarters in protest. The demonstration was mostly peaceful, but a small group of protesters through object officer in attempt to breach police line officers, responded feeding protesters with the tan using tear gas and riot control ammunition. Indiscriminately peaceful demonstrators found themselves in the middle of the chaos of a retired mechanics instructor was watching the protest in this video. He him unarmed, walking toward police and officer aims a gun likely loaded with balls containing pepper spray. A popping sound is heard. Three officers pick him up and carry him away. Xumo was charged with participating in an unlawful assembly released on bail. Another protester stands near officers, riot police pulled into the ground and beat him you’ve taken to the sidewalks and arrested in another incident. A man whose Distributing water is attacked by the police officers, pepper spray, him punch him and beat him with the tan. One officer put him in a chokehold. In some cases, commanders participate in the violence. They are identified by white shirt when this protester falls to the ground to commanders are among the group police with hacker baton and shield, and this woman said she was dragged for about a 150 m to the legislative Council by a commander. All of the protesters shown here were arrested and later released him on bail, dr. rohini har, an expert in crowd, control City’s police actions were unjustified. The videos of Just Cause for concern. Some of the most chaotic scenes happened when police fire tear gas at protesters trapped outside an office building early on that day, protesters set up barricades Street around 3 p.m. officers surrounded the building of type firing. Tear gas trap for the police and barricades protesters rushed for the towers main entrance do to make it inside a tent to work to allow multiple fruit, but the police continue to fire. Tear gas into the crowd ID channel is volunteering at the protest assistant, the tower cars that the police caused unnecessary Panic, the police in the situation or not escalated. Woochi y, a prominent Hong Kong lawmaker, walks the front line as he moved toward the police. A commander direct, another officer fired forgot.. I don’t think that is a possible way to use the for chores and unarmed legislative. Like me and surrounding me, Brittany, use of tear gas said that it should never be used like a firearm. The problem is when’s. Your offensive weapon, we sent these videos to the Hong Kong police that they did not respond to a request for comment. At least 81 people were injured in the demonstration. According to the Hong Kong government, police have said 22 officials and promised an investigation into police actions and the extradition bill with suspended for June 12th, but protesters want more. They are asking for an independent inquiry, the full withdrawal of bills,
In a Visual Investigation, The New York Times shows how the Hong Kong police used excessive force by tear-gassing, beating and dragging protesters on June 12.

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