Did President Donald Trump Make A Mistake By Slamming The Koch Brothers? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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Did President Donald Trump Make A Mistake By Slamming The Koch Brothers? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC
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president Trump is going after the Koch brothers the billionaires who been handing out millions of dollars to Republican for years I know here’s the here’s a tweet that he said he said this morning the cokes are quote a total joke in real Republican Circle against Ron borders and Powerful trade Airsoft their support because I don’t need their money or bad ideas they love my tax and regulation Cuts judicial pics and more I made them richer their network is highly overrated I have beaten them at every turn they want to protect their companies outside the US from being taxed I’m for America First and the American worker puppet for No One the GOP spending horrifying and the separation of families at the border abhorrent in fact he could be open to working with Democrats in the future saying quote I don’t care what the initials are in front or after summer does that work also announced it would not support a republican candidate in the clothes mentor and rates in North Dakota saying he’s inconsistent on issues that matter to the group going back to Trump time to talk about the Koch brothers a little bit right let’s take a closer look at exactly who they are Charles and David inherited the nation second largest private company Koch Industries from their father in 1967 today Charles is at the helm David step down June citing health problems the two are worth an estimated 120 billion dollars according to Forbes other brothers organize their own political Network back in 2003 and assembly of Libertarians Liberty eating people which business people advocacy groups made up about 700 members each is agreed to contribute at least $100,000 annually to cope length groups now for years even being called more powerful than the Republican comedian 2012 it’s been $122 on elections in 2014 it was up to 129 and by 2016 the presidential election and estimated 250 million dollars and it’s upping the ante 2018 election cycle pledging to Shell out 400 million dollars on politics and policies already spent 20 million promoting the GOP tax cut plan colleges and universities people running in judicial elections even get money from the coax and network is even backing the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court right now the network says it’s in the tutorial races the yellow ones the gold ones are gubernatorial races again spending hundreds of millions of dollars in an attempt to sway the midterms in favor of vulnerable Republicans and their policies Foundry strategies okay I’m going to start with this at the Laura Ingraham last night most successful entrepreneurial family in world history materials made last night that materials made from the cook with Coke Lincoln Center to get money than that dude I think they’re New York’s biggest Bible apps and Harry Reid made it famous statement on the on the floors and the siding the Koch brothers that end in the reason is that his political spend hundreds of millions of dollars now willing to withdraw from a key Senate race in North Dakota over not because of politics it they’re not they’re going to issue a political expediency for policy their policies are they’re not social conservatives they’re very libertarian they believe in free markets and they do a lot of things to educate the public on free-market so people understand why they should be voting for candidates that are free markets but when the party abandons his principles in the world trade and tariffs they’re saying no we’re going to abandoned political expediency and stick with our principles on free markets today’s ago and that is that Donald Trump in many ways is is backward thinking right he has his appeal to the other reindeer the remaining segments of a market that says we can bring back coal jobs in manufacturing and all these things that are there jobs of the future are all about the future and they’re all about their ideas at Innovations yes they’re hard and they disrupt Industries Uber is a great sense of that even the Technologies in politics today or just politics you can see that the Russian investigation see the way we campaign and target people in the most laughable committee hearings I ever saw let me get this straight marks up review Target people with advertising they like to see and what Mark should have said was just the way you target people who are most likely to vote for you hey Celeste is it really chance are going to work together we are not about supporting a political party blindly I think I think there’s a huge opportunity for Democrats to figure out how to embrace in for the jobs of the future and juxtaposed that against Trump’s building up Legacy companies that I don’t know but I mean well look Money Talks right and money in the elections are expensive and if you have someone who’s that have my multi-billionaire who wants to talk about the future and jobs why wouldn’t they before that clicking on that button down there and click on any of the videos here to watch the latest 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President Trump just called the Republican party’s most powerful donors a “total joke” on Twitter. Ali Velshi and Stephanie Ruhle break down why the Koch brothers are so important to the GOP and why the president is slamming them anyways. Weighing in: GOP Strategist Rick Tyler.
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Did President Donald Trump Make A Mistake By Slamming The Koch Brothers? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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