DiGenova calls the DOJ and FBI politically corrupt, says Barr will ‘clean it up’

DiGenova calls the DOJ and FBI politically corrupt, says Barr will ‘clean it up’
DiGenova calls the DOJ and FBI politically corrupt, says Barr will ‘clean it up’
Washington examiner revealing a previously unknown date is October. 20Th, 2017, several months after the former special counsel’s appointment. As of now its contents are still secret, but York says its existence proves a major major point. We know in the end Mueller could not establish that conspiracy or coordination had taken place between Trump and Russia and what we know is it by October 2017. That’S when he was learning that he couldn’t established this joining us tonight. Victoria toensing former deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division of the justice department, Joe digenova former US attorney for the District of Columbia founding partners, fencing Law Firm great to have both of you back there with us and, let’s start with the first, the Byron York’s Reporting on a 3rd scope memo your reaction, Victoria memo was illegal because it didn’t name a crime. That’S named was a counterintelligence investigation, so I don’t know what they’re going to do except go downhill from there. It appears not Carter page but Rodger Stone. Those were all process crimes they couldn’t get the real crime, so they’re going to go out and question people and find any little difference in what they said and then going down for so that they can say that they had indictments this all points, inevitably back to The be the beginning of this investigation with the illegitimate setting setting up by Rod, Road Stine, win. History of this Scandal is written. One person will be blamed and should be blamed for the entire wasting of two years of President Trump’s presidency. Rod Rosenstein was a coward. He didn’t know how to tell mikaben those people to stop fooling around and messing around with Trump he came in. He found out about the Hillary Clinton investigation. He saw how rabidly anti-trump they were and he Rosenstein cave gave up the power of the Attorney General in the deputy attorney general to a bunch of corrupt FBI officials and that third scope. Memo is proof that he was scared to death of McCabe reporting now Pieterse. Wiser and his son and Ukraine and the corruption and the and the the Empire of corruption that the Chinese have helped to create your thoughts about. Actually, we saw a couple of left-wing National media Outlets Victoria actually report on this. I I was stunned. How about you? That’S done too little, because what happens in this town is immediate, like ABC, will take care of a Politico that they’re friendly with so they put out. If there’s a really really bad story. So they’re going to put out two or three bad facts and very the really bad. So let me tell you the background of this Biden situation in the Ukraine when he didn’t because of Joe Biden was in charge of voting for President Obama, when he didn’t know. Squat about energy or about Ukraine and was also not only a cocaine addict, but a prostitute addict, so threatened the president of Ukraine. If you don’t fire the prosecutor General, who is now investigating his son, you won’t get a 1 billion dollar loan guarantee and the day Newmont is today US ambassador helped bury the case after the prosecutor was fired. This level of corruption, this is becoming a real problem. Is it not Joe 44 Joe Biden, I think Joe Biden is dead. I think his campaign is going to go on, but it’s going to be a mess not only because of Joe Biden’s physical incapacity City and his inability to function at a high level, but because he simply can’t get away from the obviousness of it. And here’s with fascinating love, you have an obvious pay-to-play with the vice president and his son died news on playing with the vice-president. He gets a business deal when they leave the country that is called corruption, so where were Andrew, McCabe and James Comey and Loretta Lynch and Sally Yates, and all their brilliant in and Andrew Weissman? The fact is, they were Democrats. They were allowed to break the law, but when you were Republican, you got the grand jury thrown at you still hasn’t changed and Bill Barr is going to clean it up. It has to be done. The FBI and the doj remain today politically corrupt organizations lying on. It turns out three redacted reports: Marcus drive from crowdstrike, which was there their investigative arm in this instance to see who had hacked DNC, I mean this stuff gets worse by the day. That’S really look at that Loop because remember the Obamas talking points 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed only to head the mapping organization. Doesn’T quite do that kind of work only to the CIA and the FBI led by the co-conspirators, Comey and Brennan, along with it and think about this former prosecutor investigator, the FBI relies on technical information from a third-party that draft redacted in the third Artie is a Nap as an ally of a political opponent of trump, I mean, for goodness sake without question. You know I had to do that Joe digenova, like old times,
DiGenova & Toensing’s Victoria Toensing and Joe diGenova discuss the DOJ’s third “scope memo” to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

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