Disruptors: Smart power – BBC News

Disruptors: Smart power – BBC News
Need power to live our lives, business, Tasha, ceaseless demand for energy continue being challenged. This is my power mix disruption. How we store energy to feed a hundred for electricity has not become a major issue. The need for storage Village begins when you understand how incredibly hard and unique it is to make electricity other forms of modern energy and electricity. In particular, I mean it’s essentially bottle with lightning at the way we often described as students and it’s incredibly complex. It’S a unique product to supply has to match demand immediately, and it requires these really intricate systems, with trillions of dollars, of sunk investment to deliver into your home, and it is delivered and almost every home in most countries like States or the United Kingdom. In most of the developed world, energy is taken for granted at the flick, the switch we have lights at the push of a button on televisions, washing machine to computer bring into life, but our dependence on oil, gas and coal have to end climate. Scientists believe the use of fossil fuels would have irreversible effects on my planet and generating energy is very wasteful. Most power plants waste two-thirds of the energy content of their fuels. So you have a hundred units of energy say in a piece of coal or in some natural gas by the time it goes through. The PowerPlant you’re only getting 30 units of energy out so 2/3 as wasted as lost energy, low grade heat steam whenever you’re driving by nuclear power plants late at night, new CDs, massive pillars of Steve, that’s all wasted energy. We have to find ways of harvesting energy from Night Shift, especially the Sun. The typically renewable sources of energy can be hit-and-miss if I too much or too little energy to satisfy the mom., the match of Renewables. That’S been corresponding rise in energy storage technology. The car company Tesla has been a battery planet for a long time, but who owns the island, Australia. They developed a giant lithium ion battery array, power, 30000 * route to an hour, Australia that followed by the United States in 2016. China’S battery storage capacity Groupon extra 20 65 % compared with the previous year. The huge leap fly really pumped Hydro, which accounts for about 96 % of all energy that is stored in 2017, that will 1267 energy storage projects around the world, and that represents a type of about 270 G, one of the most interesting energy storage ideas being tested At the moment is Raleigh surprising, which involves making the latest Battery Technology being developed all electric cars. Is it possible, I guess I’ll, do the car every morning disconnect the car wait for the sickness to go off and then I just go out to Fredericksburg. Forsining will be to G Electric Supply, Charlie Chaplin, the great, but the major difference with this game is dis. They can also give power back to the grid, especially at times when they speak Demond. This house made out fluctuations and supply. We call this a virtual power plant, so all these small batteries put together to become one big power plant that you can then activate onto the great the workers coming around 6 or 7 in the morning. We aren’t sure they have enough. I need to drive during the day they will come back around 4 or 5 in the afternoon and then they connect a game to the charger and we provide services to the grid for the rest of the evening. Whole system, together because of the charges in Sanford uses, cause the charges and made my NL davichi system vehicle to quit house in Roswell with Denmark’s renewable energy plans. We are installing wind turbines and solar cells all the time, so we actually have a problem with too much sustainable window. Solar energy is sometimes in our system. So the more we can used store the energy when it’s available. We can use our infrastructure drivers uconnect.com. There is one major technology issue which needs to be addressed, does using about you like this, but in power Inn and taking time to gain actually shorten its life, because in the long run, cost drivers more money. The weight vehicle-to-grid systems work is that once the car is available and the grid requires energy, it can ask for energy intake energy out from the battery. There is no regard for what does the bay and therefore that requires an intelligent transaction would like to see at least 10000 HJ in Europe by the end of 2019 small company today, trying to penetrate the market, that’s full of very vague established, sometimes very polluting companies. Near destruction Wii, I hope that will be able to make a difference. Putting tile back into a great. I need Plies in developed countries in many places throughout the world, there is no greater tool expert more than a billion people do not have access to electricity, but this means there’s a huge market for off-grid renewable energy since 2010. Keep sent the whole new market with new companies just linked position, most of Africa and Asia, pizza and Dora. My hair aside, this is Rhonda from the capital of countries largest city Kigali. The pizza have the time to change his life, he’s installing the solar panel to get access to power, but there’s other uses it can Power television and radio and it can charge my boss, fine soccer, cleats, review hello generators. How many people saw the battery Power Systems? The only way to get some college they can afford one company Supply me systems. Kobe bug is holding a local Roadshow to try to attract new customers. They were just apply about 55,000 times with salt, about two packs of the shelf units like these usually cost about 250 US Dollars too many people that is too much to pay all at once. Quite often, when people body system that high in installments using their phones that use the system on a pay-as-you-go basis, a very expensive utility Power Wheels the solar home system. I can relate it to the mobile technology when it started initially people while using to have home phone then the mobile phone case. This is what the solar home system East. It’S providing the same service that the grid provides, but without the whole physical connection, it’s all done remotely. So that’s how disruptive it to you, Karnataka, Nagant, to change people’s life dramatically: beatbox competition from a number of other off-grid power providers. Companies such as Zuri and M Coca-Cola was overpriced in the same area. The introduction of Technology like this is helping too close. The gap between supply and demand at the global population increases worldwide Monster Energy cry, especially in places like China, in Asia and Africa. A ways of storing renewable energy, one of the most appealing, potentially disruptive methods of storage, is cold. Air technology is cool Zaid down until it is so cold. It turns into a liquid one. British pound is taking this to a new level level of what you can help pay electricity back today and he comes from many sources. Renewables are great for feeding the grade when demand is high. The big challenges house tool to separate energy and then make it available when it’s most needed, where their minds renewable netware ever-increasing, there’s a real need to have storage facilities in large-scale stores facilities. Highview power has quite literally developed around the cool Innovation, it’s using extremely cold as way of storing energy Cincinnati. What you can see here is too large, liquid nitrogen tanks, we’re storing the energy in the form of liquid gas. So what we do is we taking atmospheric. Are we cool at dining and Industrial Refrigeration process is 200°, where it turns into a liquid? We put that in low pressure, tanks cancel large chunks of energy for long periods of time and then, when we need into I put any liquid volume, withdraws the generator and puts electricity back on the plans. You can see you behind me still quite small. It would Power by 5 & Hines for an hour response is not open and feeding the electric bread and the plan is to introduce technology to provide. The capacity for operation is really getting. People used to use in something like liquid air, which is at hard concept to grasp to that surreal destructive I’m ready to displace I’m more established, mainstream Technologies in the marketplace. Silver Bullet solution to a demand for more energy unit storage they’ll be many different solutions from individuals. Car companies startups new Battery Technology cities in communities, old, challenging traditional energy Giants have dominated the power lines, take so long for send them to adapt.
The push towards renewable energy and the quest for greater efficiency mean that we need to find more ways of storing energy.

This is part of the BBC’s Disruptors series.

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