Divisional Round Preview Show

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Divisional Round Preview Show
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Divisional Round Preview Show
Let’S do it with the game of the week will bring the Rams back off of by they’re going to host the Cowboys when you’re in La the Coliseum. We’Ll talk about those cowboys 19th career rushing score, putting a Seahawks comeback Out Of Reach. Last week in Dallas’s, wild-card win pastrami, most passing touchdowns of any quarterback at home this year in an offense cultivated by one of the game’s brightest mine head coach, Sean McVay he’s just a fantastic coach and they have a lot of weapons there. He knows how to use them their balance. They continue to attack other challenge, a lot of different ways and he’s just doing a great job. Turning really good environment for their players to succeed are they play well weekend and week out. They haven’t won 13 games by accident. They’Ve done a great job start Jason Garrett talk about the wealth of playmakers that Sean McVay. This Rams offense has stands out the most yeah. We rightfully so getting very excited about what comes out of the Wild Card Weekend. Teams playing well and looking good, but we forget where the number one and two seeds aren’t playing cuz they’re, pretty darn good use. Everybody were talking about it’s going to start with Todd, Gurley right he’s, maybe the best inside Zone runner in the game Shoots for the inside of the tackle Tony C’s the alley and he’s physical down the field getting a big game. So, okay, we know we have to stop Todd Gurley. So what are we going to do now after this? What about the play action pass all the way, but the linebackers going out of here, cuz you’re, going to run look what the linebackers do now they’re sitting here and they don’t know whether to fish or cut bait cuz. It’S okay! Do I take the Run? Do I watch that screen Cook’s here, where this corner gets laid out with no help on the inside Lisa, perfect dying down the field, so you’ve got great Personnel that just to talk about with a great scheme and a team? That’S rested, swim team going to be pretty good, not playing since week 15 now Sean for the Cowboys this defense shutdown, the Seahawks top-ranked, Run game a week ago, lacquered up front. They were met him on the on the game field and they were in the backfield. Pretty much the entire time to penetration with the key and the key to stop and talk realize you just showed the office is built around the Run game. So, let’s take a look at last week screen out against Seattle. Last week, the number one ranked rushing offense how about this one penetration on the front side right here, look at all this color back to the back side of the club everywhere, because that penetration there fun to watch with her nightmare as an offensive lineman. Now I can’t wait to see the battle because, for the Rams have been so good this entire year, they’ve been two of the best run-blocking guards and tackles the NFL this year, just made a big challenge to see if they can stop these Monsters Of Mayhem from The Cowboys against the Seahawks in the wind got to avoid the negative place. If you are the Rams now, Ezekiel Elliott yards per, carry against the Seahawks he’s not sneaking up on anybody Sean. So how did they continuously find room in the Run game? Do it off think I’m run power, they can run Zone, they can run misdirection. Let me show you what I’m talkin about the first play that I’m going to show. You is power football right out of the box. I hear this power football to talk about double-team. Double team look at the two of them and why your dick always doing is he playing here. Right now with Bobby Wagner, trying to get him to commit before he commit to this right here and watch a burst through the hole contact against a stout defense like The Eagles or the Cowboys they moved them all the way over here, alright power Zone, how about misdirection got a seven-man box rycote? How do I block them? If we only have six to leave this guy alone, get them out in space watch it little bought that backside of thinner. But look at this one right here, versatile the office line there fun to watch and Zeke. Nobody has more contact than Zeke Elliott this season. So I’m looking forward to watching them. I think the key is Ken that defense keep this game close. So the Cowboys can continue to run the football good run game. I’M taking the Rams get some turnovers. I think Cowboys are going to pull the upset yeah. It was a lot of dancing early and often for the Saints in this one Eagles. It was the largest margin of defeat any defending Super Bowl champions. Saints were all over the Eagles in this one, from the jump so coach, the Eagles, actually don’t Blitz, often right they Blitz on 20 % of it’s a simple guys. Whatever we did last time, we going to do that again because it didn’t work, and that is uncomfortable as it is. You got to make Drew Brees uncomfortable and they can do this in the Box, took them to the inside the end up with for over 3. As you’re not going to hear he’s going to get the completion because the receiver is not ready to do this, now change up here now they’re going to want the DVD and they’re going to go to the inside while you’re not going to trick me the offensive Line went to The Blind Side, weave linebacker, over-the-top, he’s a free run on the inside, and you’ve got no place to go now this last, when it’s the double-a pressure Sean we show this every week is centers got to declare, but he’s declared end up with two On one, that’s all well and good, Malcolm Jenkins of come off that edge again so uncomfortable as they’re going to be doing with the Drew Brees cuz he can like you got to do something different. I don’t know that they can do enough different we’re going to see, but they clearly have to do more of that, rather than think they’re just going to sit back and be passive, 425 double ee, just like you, showed this time of the back has to pick One of them up just play right here out of the game Whiskey’s on the ground back getting blown up. This ended up in a sack. They had three sacks. 5 quarterback hits in this gate, so the saint they didn’t have a lot of which neither, but they certainly got home and it definitely affecting Carson Wentz Eagles Nick Foles against the blitz. This season now for Drew Brees best game of the season in week. 11 is showing against the Eagles here in your perfect passer rating. What do you expect from him this going? Let me show you a couple of throw I’ll take Alvin Kamara all day, long 101, Malcolm Jenkins. It wasn’t personal. You just happen to be the wrong guy. In coverage on that place right, but it wasn’t just about Michael Thomas Drew Brees. The Saints see this single High coverage on your jury sees it and the Eagles, but they try to cheat him over Coach. I think what he’s the best quarterback in the NFL that window is, I mean I think, he’s going to have to fight, maybe starts on the sidelines just about every play. I like the home, I like the home team and I think their defense gets home. Okay, so if nearly everything was perfect last time you met her perfect Drew Brees. Does it to Perfection? This is Bunch right, jetright, 824, wife, Latin Bunch from this Bunch scraping here and let him run or neat. This guy is going to go up into the middle level and then now you’re going to sneak him out of the flat to drop off its not there. So what do you end up doing a three-level, throw down deep you come into that second level with that krauser? Are you go down here and at Bobby’s play it overflows here by the way you can get this dropped over in here? This is going to be a big challenge for the Philadelphia Eagles. They lead the league in red-zone defense. If they can make New Orleans set for field goals instead of touchdown, they have a chance. I don’t think it’s going to happen at home for the Saints I go with them for the win Worlds, also leading the 6th highest scoring offense in NFL history, which also went as the top in the NFL this year add more on what the Chiefs need. Patrick Mahomes, in their offense this week against the Colts we go inside the pool room with Sean and Coach Colts taking on the Chiefs. This is going to be allowed on Coach Arrowhead going to be rocking the home of the Chiefs as we know it, but good quarterbacks good go ahead and great quarterbacks different styles, though a little bit outside the pocket. They look dramatically different. Don’T they these numbers and you’d say what you know this makes Andrew Luck looks like a slapped will know it’s just that Patrick Mahomes has been so off-the-charts this year and when you break down as play, this guy checks all the boxes and what it takes to Be a great quarterback, 14 passing touchdowns most in the league outside of pocket on this planet, like that he also has a vision for a young man. He manipulates the defense as well as anybody. He holds the safety on the backside. There’S nobody on that defense. That can run with Tyreek Hill and they end up with the touchdown I. This is what I look is this fundamental for Young quarterback yeah. I have to move a lot of platform for again, a first-time that was 19 and to manipulate the defense to have the guy has as good as much. How is the quarterback position of idiom quarterback I’ve ever seen in a long time, it’s remarkable to Styles, how different they are from a Holmes last year. A lot sexier throws for Andrew Luck, but let’s take a look at some of the throws that he’s made because he’s not as good on the Run he’s pretty good on the Move in the pocket. How about this girl right here in the safety who’s going to take the southern route? And now he knows Cy Hilton, on a middle linebacker trying to back, but I’m seeing slide in the back of their coach on the run, but still a little bit of movement and a great room now has been so good this year. The pocket has been there for him, he’s had a lot of protection, but how about the scroll right here and Mahomes and him they get the job done, but the trolls looks so different. Andrew Luck looks like his throwing motion is so easy and the ball. Just. Here’S another by the defense and then it’s hard to believe when you watch Andrew Luck and someone throws he’s making part of leek. What’S that we don’t even know if he can throw a football 10 yards when training camps started. I think we got two great quarterbacks with two Tolliver style, who do you see when in this game, as much as I love Patrick Mahomes, what they’re doing offensively, I think when it comes down to the defense, is there a serious about the Kansas City? Defense? I think the Indianapolis Colts being a better defense. If this is a track meet. I like the Indianapolis Colts defense holding up that one extra possession – maybe then Red Zone, I’m going to go with the Colts winning in Kansas City. I think the Colts do have the better. I’m going to go with the Chiefs on this one, because I know this about playoff football. It’S not always the way you draw it up at some point. You got to ad-lib nobody’s doing a better job on the Run than Patrick Mahomes against the Ravens doing their sacks per game average during the regular season. What day do I go back to week 16, one of the biggest planes in that game help Baltimore win this game. One in this is an easy Matchup Pro right here for Brady right, where we going to do not going to let him get up, is just for that going to be a tough guy, said to bring down, and nobody has more touchdown in the postseason thing. Rock – and it was only got three this season, but I’m taking the Patriots because I think Rock goes off under 300 total yards the last 3 weeks. What’S their plan? Look like Jeff Gordon. I want you to watch looking good job up front. They get him to the outside and I want you to watch the acceleration cuz. He comes around the edge and then be after first Contact. He gets 5 6. 7. 8 moryork. I’M looking to watch this ball down the field for a big plate to Keenan out and and they are capable of making these kind of place against the New England Patriots, defense, vintage, Philip Rivers – knows he’s going to get here. He knows the protections came this guy screaming from the backside. I want you to watch the dime. He puts on Keenan Allen here. No one he’s going to get lit up, put red hands high right in the hands yards after the catch. We have not seen a little out of that out of Philip Rivers last couple weeks. I think we’ll see it with this matchup with the Patriots I’m going to go with the Chargers, because I think the defense pictures of very well with Gronkowski with those good safeties. I’M going to go, I know it’s Fool’s Gold going against Brady and Belichick and Foxborough I’m going to go to church and Hunter Henry could make it season debut.
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