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In simple terms, DNA is the code for life. It’S the old important molecule inherited from our parents. That gives the chemical instructions to make her body isn’t staying them. Then it comes open. Lung coils. If you unravel 8, it looks a bit like a spiral staircase. It’S found in the nucleus about cells, which is like the cell’s control center. The code is divided into chromosomes Links of DNA site with links across the middle, the rungs a base pads made of four different chemicals represented by the letters, a t GNC. The last is always coming pass away with t & g with see things go wrong when there’s a flood, they may also be linked to one’s lifestyle or problems in the environment.
Videographic on DNA. The explosion of individual DNA test kits has opened the floodgates for people who were born from sperm or egg donations. Increasing numbers of people are using the technology to uncover the identities of their donors.VIDEOGRAPHIC

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