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pregnant women around the world all using apps to prevent pregnancy the really popular hair in Sweden one of the most tech-savvy places in Europe Butthead is a big debate about how reliable they are off to women started speaking out about unwanted I’m on my way to meet one of them we had two children already small children and only 18 months between them so a lot to do you take your temperature each morning at the same time and then you put the numbers inside and it will show if your fertile when is the law of science behind this app it has been approved for use across the EU so it supposed to work are you sure you didn’t do anything I know when I got pregnant because my husband was away like two weeks before and two weeks after this I know that exact dates and I know that’s two days after it was still green like I’m not perfect so that seems kind of strange if you if you really not ready to have a child that maybe you should use some other kind of protection now I just I want to look at the the positive things about it when you went to see him he’s like the last piece of our perfect little family I love him to the Moon and back
There’s a debate in Sweden over the reliability of pregnancy prevention apps after women spoke out about unwanted pregnancies. The BBC’s Maddy Savage reports.

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