Do we really need nuclear treaties? – BBC News

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Do we really need nuclear treaties? – BBC News
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Do we really need nuclear treaties? – BBC News
When the United States drop the first atomic bomb on Japan, everything changed a few years later. Russia developed Atomic weapons of its own Russia in the United States. Can you feel pulses treaty Sebastopol? What did the INF treaty do deployed? Actually band is 5500 kilometers, astounding thumb, so, what’s going on with Russia and America have a long history, Sons about the INF treaty, I’m just about Russia alone. These weapons Vontage surround systems. The new start treaty, which limits long-range nuclear weapons 1972 long-range strategic in the United States, will no longer be constrained by any Arms Control agreement.
Donald Trump has declared that the US is going to withdraw from a key nuclear treaty with Russia. America says that they’ve broken the terms, Russia denies any wrongdoing.

As tensions rise between the two powers, there are fears this will lead to further erosion of important limitations for nuclear warfare.
So should we be concerned about an impending nuclear conflict?

The BBC’s Jonathan Marcus looks at what the potential consequences might be.

Video by Olivia Lace-Evans. Additional production by Laurence Peter.

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