Does America pay too much to the UN? – BBC News

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Does America pay too much to the UN? – BBC News
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the Trump administration’s Northbound of the UN United States is 1 out of 193 countries in the United Nations and yet we pay 22% of the entire budget and maybe even follow through with threats to Jewel funding to some you and buddies saying the US pays for too much so how much does the u.s. give to the UN firstly we need to understand there are two main categories assessed contributions to run buddies and voluntary contributions to other projects but will come to voluntary contributions later son excess contributions contributions include things like funding criminal Provino’s peacekeeping missions or renovating the UN headquarters 15 specialized agencies and each country contributes according to exercise as the world’s largest economy the US pays the largest contribution to 22% or 3 billion dollars in 2016 but is this fast the contributions are based on guidelines agreed by member states the US pays the most but it does pay roughly it’s expected Chef given the size of its economy the us shall the global economic Heights buds 3.6% and it pays 22% of the un’s Total Access funding so what about voluntary contributions there are no rules governing these payments the key thing to remember what countries can essentially pay what they wanted to United Nations development program United Nations Children’s Fund and under what United Nations relief agencies that Palestinian refugees I will funded like this the current US Administration it actually cut funding to underwear after disagreeing with Ames is also drawn funding from other days recently sizing disagreements on policy or excessive payment by the US despite these recent Cuts if you are over your payments to the UN that’s voluntary Anderson’s contributions that still quite High compared with other leading industrialized nations play Space around 9.7 billion dollars overall to the UN which as you can see is much more than everyone else but something interesting happens when we look at those numbers as a percentage of each country’s GDP can you can Canada a joint fast Germany comes in at number 3 Japan at number for the USA is that number 5 in China comes in Lost at number 6 in real number total us contributions are by far the largest overall but as a proportion of economic Heifetz it pays less than other leading industrialized nations
US President Donald Trump says that America’s contributions to the United Nations are far too high and that other member countries must shoulder a greater share of the burden.
Reality Check asks how much the US pays the UN overall and how this compares to the contributions made by others.

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