Does “Love island” impact on body image? – BBC News

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Does “Love island” impact on body image? – BBC News
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now here in the UK full million of his watch the reality television series love Island and the fullness of the show has been sold it was a recent example cameras women many of them who had surgical enhancements like it for this botox cosmetic surgery is increasing the number of women in the United States aged between 19 and 34 having Botox has risen by 41% since 2011 that’s according to the American society I’ll bring his new trends only fueling an unrealistic body expectation joining me now to discuss this we have Megan Barton Hanson is a contestant on this year’s UK love Island show Michelle is here to Michelle elements from the be real campaign I mean to promote realistic body Images no name is show you have your own story also talked to Grandma who is a Harley Street plastic surgeon if you put Megan it’s no secret you’ve made Missy for the fact that you’ve had enhancements you you were beautiful but you senior school and kids can be no stay that I had to love steak about my ass I stuck out and but kids can be cruel so it was like a big thing to me like that and then I’ve had let lips I’ve had a boob job about like my past jobs and stuff but it’s a surgery that really got to me I can’t believe that everyone was like I had surgery like it’s my choice I don’t know about such a big thing Michelle what do you feel when you hear that to 60% of young people have been bullied for the way they look and have tried to change their parents because of being bullied but I think that so changing your parents you think you’re going to send me the confidence recently more lovable more likeable more popular whatever it is everything whether it’s called being fake or it’s me being fat it doesn’t matter what it is we shouldn’t be Parkview that thinks did I need to go through all that procedures in the Cosmetic Surgery of growing as a person to man jumps off done going to therapy is made me feel more body Comfort Inn and just my self-esteem Gravette no I think it’s unrealistic going to go in for surgery and come out with different person which I don’t see how that’s unrealistic well let’s bring into Kramer this point because say I do the ecology with a knife that’s exactly what you’re doing with a knife and the young women but also young men who come see me in the office that really happen very very low self-esteem but the sad thing is that this has been through intercom cultural Facebook culture over the last five to ten years and the average age of women undergoing cosmetic procedures 39 years old and 40 which means this 39 age was because of a massive rays of women in the twenties Millennial and now massively in the right the Astro procedures I’m going to come back to you on this Megan but I didn’t know who I was or what I want to see me I’m very very critical and you must see if the patient is mature enough to undergo procedures very often very often if I see patient has very unrealistic expectations very often that come with a try to come with a picture of Megan for samples for that comes with a picture of Kylie Jenner that that’s very very often and but they have nothing in common with Megan or Kylie and I say well you know you should look for you individual Beauty if we sit together in Saginaw actually you look beautiful maybe we do a little tweaked but then it’s your personal beauty that I’m all for that what does that mean to you would have seen the negative side of it as well having surgery so I don’t think it’s a glamorous and optimistic about and get surgery I don’t know why it’s like that guy was my eyes to go and get surgery and you can easily accessible even if it kind of food at the options then when you did it you’re them penalize forgetting it that’s my biggest but I don’t understand that side don’t think those would look at me but I can’t because if they said it’s because them see the stick and then I think it would just be generally healthy food why didn’t the idea of BC because then it wouldn’t be that one one look would solve everything because like people say social media Equity positivity it’s meant that there are people like me with public top phones on big platforms with skulls on their stomach and still loving the life and being confident in their body and I think that also shows that you don’t have to change you look like and you don’t have to kind of they want to be part of that and they want to get the look you look at the beginning of beauty if you seen the last it’s not the case because we can go get everybody wants to look amazing so we try filters with apps to create the perfect picture of you in after while you’re defined by the menu to get the, to get in if it’s different it’s be used to look at supermodels at movie stars and it’s okay while I’m not a movie star the next door girl the neighbor at the garlic suddenly I look at the inside, says she looks amazing because she at maybe at the filter so it never to Beauty ideal and it’s not so much diversity anymore it’s really girls like Kylie Jenner give the trench is super sexy with her locks and of course young girls who not to find himself through family job you know the message should be out there is that the young girls don’t realize what they have to have used that’s what all my patients 40 50 60 70 the envious of a 20 year old who has natural youth the lost it is lots of very soon in time because that’s a lot of pressure very young especially now it says your media people use it Instagram is it unrealistic expectations for sale so the spot me getting a stick I just finished I just admit it even been giving a voice without social media because in generic media you wouldn’t see people like me talk about it and it’s opening up these conversations and say what images of huge conversation but it’s not necessarily just a conversation for people who have everything but it’s so sad that I wanted a surgery abdominal surgery is and to go back to hospital that’s of the all in the first place to me sounds seems so counter-intuitive but at the age of 10 I have to leave it there Megan Michelle thank you all for coming out and we both agree that the conversation needs to be happy so I appreciate you coming
Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson, Michelle Elman from ‘Be Real’ campaign and Plastic surgeon Dr Dirk Kremer on Impact, discussing beauty standards and plastic surgeries

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