Dog Hero: Where walkies mean money – BBC News

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Dog Hero: Where walkies mean money – BBC News
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Brazil has the second largest population in the world after the United States so we’re talking about a hundred and ten million dogs and what America tell Mark and we saw that before the basic is primarily being served by friends and family that they change in value there was really about no active pavers and you can give you probably wouldn’t be able to ask for any the Nets recreating a lower price point better quality service that would replace if they were asking I learned that people here in Brazil specially my parents they really parents you know they think of their their dogs as part of the family they’re looking for safe and they’re looking for people that they trust or a product is building the way that he kind of sweet we would deliver that to people through our absolute in a conspiracy on the information of the sitter but also offer warranty in case of an accidental store able to deliver this in a scale that not only the real but now
The BBC’s Daniel Gallas speaks to one of the co-founders of the start-up Dog Hero, which has attracted almost $5m (£3.8m).

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