DOJ watchdog submits draft report on alleged FISA abuses to AG Barr

DOJ watchdog submits draft report on alleged FISA abuses to AG Barr
DOJ watchdog submits draft report on alleged FISA abuses to AG Barr
Joining us tonight to assess this further former acting us attorney general Matthew, Whitaker and Matt great – to have you with us. This is the development that we’ve all been waiting for. That is the delivery of the draft report to attorney-general your thoughts on the timing. Well, this is a big deal and we’ve all heard that this report was eminent sometime in September, and what we now know is that the inspector General has submitted for a classification review, and we also show that the Department of Justice now has it. And this is where attorney general Barr as a real opportunity to to preemptively. If there are punishments that need to be meted out, if there are people that need to be have disciplinary findings, for example, 4 is a prime example. If there was fisa abuse, if there was a someone that did something wrong and should be subject to punishment or even prosecution, the time is now for bil-bar to take this report and take action and in soon enough we will all what happened in the end. Again, don’t forget: Durham is still looking at the origins of this investigation, but this fisa pieces such an important piece we’re now. Action can be taken against Rogue employees or those that did wrong going into that aspect of the investigation. Investigation by the inspector-general is even brought her them we’re more than a hundred interviews. We’Ve got the issue say the end. The end juncta investigations are still ongoing and maybe others that we don’t know about. This looks like it is the wholesale investigate the origins of Spygate and everything that has occurred under the Obama era, justice department and FBI. Your thoughts Lou were finally going to see how this investigation started halef eyes. It was a pain from Carter page and how the dossier was used in that investigation and from where I sit and from what I know. I think it is going to be fairly Ematic what this investigation going to show, because, as you know, it now appears that actually, the Russian collusion was with Michael Steele and the Democrats who paid for this original. See that was used as the foundation. For this event – and I think this is such a critical moment on behalf of the American people and the Department of Justice – to show the full everything that went into this, so that we can know that and make sure this never happens again, Christopher Steele. We now know was discredited by his own government, the very agencies for whom he wants work and the United States and government-to-government Communications at leading up to the to the prosecution of General General Michael Flynn. The station are, the president is Accused by the Obama era, intelligence agencies, parts and other foreign by agents – intelligence agencies – I mean you have to be as a man who once was leading the organization is yeah. You got to be sickened to see this kind of corruption at the highest levels of our law, enforcement and intelligence agencies, and this is what the entire department of justice should guard against full research. We cannot have investigations launched the way this appears to have been launched, based on unverified scurrilous as Jim Comey, even called it Apple research that is used as a basis for a fisa application and appears and, in addition, as an adventure as a basis to launch this Special counsel investigation that that was, unfortunately hamstrung the president for too long, and he know we talked about and I just ate the Department of Justice has, as in under bil-bar. I think is going to recover from this, but this is going to be such an important moment in our nation’s history when this evidence – and this information is finally given to the American people, so they can judge self President Trump putting new volume bar in charge of The justice department at this critical historic moment, because you say first to investigate the investigators and bring to Justice those perpetrators, such a heinous acts of actual efforts to overthrow a president, but also with a heavy burden of reforming the FBI. Leadership reforming the Department of Justice. I think we’re very fortunate to have indeed William Barr there. If this this agreed in history, Matthew, Whitaker, is always so much. Thank you. Lou
Former acting U.S. Attorney General Matt Whitaker believes the American public will finally see how the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants were obtained illegally for one-time Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

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