Don Lemon: Trump says ‘Heads I win, tails you lose’

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Don Lemon: Trump says ‘Heads I win, tails you lose’
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Don Lemon: Trump says ‘Heads I win, tails you lose’
You know with everything that’s going on in the White House: Top aides in a screaming match over immigration, the administration trying to dodge World outrage over tomorrow, cuz Shoji’s. It’S no surprise! I President Trump got out of Washington and headed to this, who plays tonight, which is the campaign Trail. You know this President loves the campaign rally near the place where it’s still 2016, where he’s surrounded by adoring Maga hat wearing fans, where he’s winning so much they’re. Getting tired winning the America is winning because we are finally putting America first again, it’s America first, but back here in the real world, things are a little different, a lot different. Can you believe it was just last week that President Trump did his Victory lap after getting Justice, Brett Kavanaugh confirmed that was just last week since then, the outrage Over The Disappearance and likely murder of journalist Jamal khashoggi has exploded, leaving the White House desperately trying to Avoid blaming the Saudis but then stop the president from making what maybe the most inappropriate joke ever joking about. I just mention this Montana Congressman Greg gianforte, who assaulted a reporter during his campaign last name, any guy that you do a body slam he’s my cousin he’s. My guy, I shouldn’t say that cuz I there’s nothing. So I was in Rome with a lot of the leaders from other countries talking about all sorts of things and I heard about it and we endorse Greg very early, but I had heard that he body slams a reporter. So you heard the president he’s joking about an assault on reporter the face of world outraged about what happened to Jamal khashoggi, but there’s more the deficit at 779 billion dollars now the highest it’s been since 2012, and the president’s signature campaign promise stopping immigration along our Southern border falling apart border crossings, are actually up a record 16th thousand 685 family members arrested in September up 80 % from July 80 % as a migrant Caravan feeling. Instability in the Honduras makes its Way North sources telling CNN. That’S why the screaming match blew up today between John Kelly and John Bolton. They also say Trump is incensed about the rising levels of Migrant collection of the Caravan. You know what I’m talking about the military to defend our Southern border, if necessary, illegal immigration on s*** brought by the Democrats, because they refuse to acknowledge or to change the laws. So you heard that the president falsely claiming that Democrats are to blame for Google immigration and threatening today to deploy the military to shut down the Border, even though the Posse Comitatus Act forbids forbids using the military for Suburban duties on military bases. The president is tougher on immigrants, then he is on Saudi Arabia, with the Sadducees leading from behind play, leading from behind would be a step up its it so kind of leadership at all. To give the Saudis a few more days to investigate what happened to Jamal khashoggi, I told present this morning: I’m we are to give them a few more days to complete that, so that we to have a complete understanding of the facts surrounding that and what kind Of immigration is run by the very people you suspect, of being involved in the crime. We’Re waiting for two sources are telling CNN that Jared Kushner advising a president to go slowly, as also reminded him that the us partners, with less than Savory regimes around the world, not just societies that kind of whataboutism is not leadership. But this president wants you to see him a leader, a leader who can carry the entire GOP on his coattails, and I try and tell my people. That’S the same thing as me. In a sense, that’s the same thing. Think of it, as the same Yeti also says this. We have a really bad time. In 3 weeks from now tails you lose if the GOP goes down to defeat in the mid terms, as president won’t take the blame, he never does his no problem doing a 180 call me Christine blasi Ford, credible, then mocking her in, of course, a campaign rally. Admitting and apologizing for joking about sexual assault on that Access Hollywood tape been telling his confidants. He doesn’t think that it was his voice, insisting there were find people on both sides of the deadly ride in Charlottesville and then one day after saying, racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs. There’S one thing that matters to this President and that winning heads I win tails you lose
CNN’s Don Lemon says President Donald Trump’s rallies are much different than the real world. #CNN #News

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