Donald Trump on Brett Kavanaugh – BBC News

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Donald Trump on Brett Kavanaugh – BBC News
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Donald Trump on Brett Kavanaugh – BBC News
Questions the FBI, investigation into judge Cavanaugh, but your own statement on Friday made it very clear. You said this investigation must be limited in scope, so which is it do is okay with me and also the FBI. I think the FBI should do what they have to do to get to the answer at the same time. Just so, we all understand this is our seventh investigation, I’m a man who has really you know you look at his life until this happened. What a? What a change he’s gone through, what his family’s gone through the trauma for a man? That’S never had any accusation, any he’s, not a bad statement about a measly. I mean I think he was number one in his class at Yale. He was number one in his law school at Yale and then what he’s gone through over the last 3 weeks is in so I want the FBI. This is now their seventh investigation. So it’s not like that. You know just starting. I want them to do a very comprehensive investigation, whatever that means, according to the Senators and the Republicans and the Republican majority, I want them to do that. I wanted to be comprehensive. I actually think it’s a good thing for Judge Kevin or I think it’s actually a good thing, not a bad thing now with that being said, I’d like it to go quickly and the reason I’d like it to go quickly. Very simple, so simple, because it’s unfair to him at this point. What his wife is going through, what beautiful children are going through is not describable. It’S not describable. It’S not fair. I think it’s fair to do it to me, because you know I’ve been gone from day. One I’ve been hurt from long before I got the office you’ve been doing it so became. I think for me, it’s like a part of my job description to handle this crap, but as far as as far as this is a man that this is not from his world and you know what, if they’re not going to want her, and I think that Would be a shame I’m with them all the way I mean a charge made or said to have occurred 36 years ago, and nothing happened since then and look I feel badly for all parties. I feel badly for everybody. I feel badly for a country. This is so bad for our country, but I will tell you: I watch the Senators on the Democrats side and I thought it was a disgrace and sleepy cuz. I know them. I know them too well, and you know what they are not angels. You do understand. You just don’t want to report it that way. Just so, you understand, my white house will do whatever the Senators want, I’m open to whatever they want. The one thing I want to speed now they started. I believe on Friday could have even been a little bit earlier than that, but they started and they have worked around the clock on Saturday, Sunday they’re working right now I mean that covering a lot of territory. This is the seventh investigation of Judge number seven. This is a number one they started on Friday. They worked all weekend, they’ve gotten laid into the evenings, the FBI’s really working hard and putting in a lot of hours so hope they can come up with what everybody’s looking for, but no I’m Guided by the Senate. I want to make the Senate happy because, ultimately, that making the Judgment I’m not making the Judgment. I’Ve already made my judgment. The Senate is making a judgement on that’s a very important thing to do just for clarity. It is up to me it is up to, but I’m instructing them as for what I feel the Senate won the Senate’s making this decision and I’m instructing them as per what the Senate is looking for. Will you instruct the White House canceled on me to give the FBI free reign interview, whomever they feel is necessary? Well, I have instructed him and I did it again over the weekend, because I seen the Press was. I don’t want to use the word in this case. Misleading it’s a much more complex Subs. Send anybody would understand, and then most people understand what I said slowly. I have done that, but I did also say within the bounds of what the Senate once we don’t want to go on a to use a an expression often used by me. We don’t want to go on a Witch Hunt. Do it so just to be clear? Should the FBI interview all three of red Cavanaugh’s accusers, it wouldn’t bother me at all. Now it depends. I don’t know I imagine they’re going to interview to by the third one I don’t know much about, but it wouldn’t bother me at all. I mean I’ve been heard that the third one has I have no idea. This is true, has very little credibility if there is any credibility inter the third one, but I want you interview. I wanted to be done quickly because it’s unfair to the family and to the judge, it’s unfair, it’s so unfair to his kids and his his wife accusers. Is this process been fair to them? Well, certainly, we gave the doctor a tremendous time, which is great. She spoke well, but you know there was some questions that haven’t been answered like what year was it? What day was it? Where was it? Do you know the location? Do you know that has a lot of different things? People are saying. Well, you know what’s going on with all of that, you cannot say that we’ve done anything but be respectful and – and I and I do when I respect her position very much, I respect your position very much. I believe and again this is Republican Senators, and this is the Senate. I believe they’ve been very respect. Do the doctor doctor Ford, isn’t that why the FBI should interview all of them to exonerate right now within reason, but you have to say within reason they interview, but they should also be guided and I’m being Guided by what the Senators are looking for, because they Have to make the choice go ahead. Now you can go be interviewed by the FBI. That’S up to them. I think that he spoke very conclusively and very well. I think it’s been a very rough. Of time. I guarantee you’ve never had a period of time like this when he was chosen. Everybody said all this going to go. Soak look people thought 10 years ago that Brett Gavin or was going to be a Supreme Court Justice because of his intellect because of his career because of the fact that there are no games, you know now they talk about alcohol. They talk about all the things that you here and frankly, you take a look at the bringing up subject. We would know about this over the last 20 years, 30 years of his career. You know what happened to going back to high school and they’re saying he drank a lot one evening and let you know what I happen to know some United States senators, one who is on the other side, who’s pretty aggressive that person in very bad situations: okay, I’Ve seen that person in very very bad situation somewhat compromising, and you know I think, it’s very unfair – to to bring up things like this. However, whatever the Senators want is okay with me, they’re going to be making a decision whatever they want is okay with me. Go ahead, that’s enough to go! Please! Oh! I think the Press is treated me unbelievably unfairly by the one I want. I said the good thing is now the Press finally gets it now. They’Ll. Finally, treat me fairly. They got worse feel worse now than ever there Loco, but that’s okay. I put up with it go ahead. I use that word because of the fact that we made a deal with Mexico. Think you’re going to be next testifying if they find that he did. Do you think that Tarzan from being your Supreme Court nominee, live watch, I watched him. I was surprised at how vocally was about the fact that he likes beer and he’s had a little bit of difficulty. I mean he talked things that happened when he drank I’m in this is not a man that said that alcohol was absent, that he was perfect with respect to alcohol, though I thought he was actually going back so many years. I thought he was. The interesting thing is no, nobody asked him about what happened in the last 25-30 years during his professional career cuz, there were no bad reports. I mean there a bad reports on everybody in here most of the people sitting down but except for Mike Pence, and we find one on him, then I think that’s that’s going to be in Shakopee. Get some of these people asking the questions. Okay, look at Blumenthal. He lied about Vietnam, he didn’t just say: hey. I went to mang Richard Da Nang Da Nang Vietnam and he’s up there. We need honesty and we need Integrity. This guy lied when he was the Attorney General Connecticut. He lied, I don’t mean a little bit and then, when he got out, he actually dropped out of the race that he want anyway, because Democrats always win in Connecticut. He one very close, probably the closest ever, but he is a guy lied and now he’s up there talking like he’s holier-than-thou, you know what take a look at his record and when he got out and when he apologized he was crying. The tears were all over. The place, and now he acts like how dare you take a look at the judge who has led an exemplary life? I mean you’re going back to high school because he had beer. I think the Judge has been pretty amazing about describing his situation with alcohol and with beer. Let me take a look at Cory, Booker here and Newark New Jersey into the ground. He was a horrible man and he made statements that when he was in high school or college, when he was doing, he actually made the statement and now he’s talking about, Judge Kevin Ross and I could go through a whole list of them. Okay, look at Dianne Feinstein you’re telling me about time. Dianne Feinstein knew about this 2 months earlier. If she wanted a really thorough are all the time in the world she didn’t have to wait till after the hearing was closed. Essentially, she should have said. Listen. I have a problem. I have this report, I’d like the FBI to look at it. Why would doing the earrings we had two months? No, she didn’t do that. She waited till, we were closed and then she probably leaked it. But you know who am I to say what you probably leaked it based on a very bad body, language the day, but more importantly, in the sense for her to have waited that. Of time and now for you Democrats, and I guess, I’m including you to the Meteorite, I consider you a part of the Democrat Party, but for you for the demo to be talking about. We want more time for the FBI. If you wanted more time for the FBI, why didn’t Dianne Feinstein’s bring this up now? You know that you showed this to other Democrat she’s, not the only one she’s. What is the other Democrats knew about this big confidential until the hearing was over after the hearing was over, they went public. Why didn’t they do it during the hearing and we could have had all the time? You know why, because the dishonest people? Okay, yes, please go ahead, I’m not a drinker! I can honestly say I never had a beer in my life. Okay, it’s one of my only good types. I don’t drink whatever they looking for some going to send a glass of alcohol. I’Ve never had. Can you imagine if I had what a mess I’d be? Would I be the one to be the world’s worst, but I never drank I never drink okay, but I can tell you I watch that hearing and I watch the man saying that he did have difficulty as a Young Man with drink. The one question I didn’t ask is: how about the last 20 years have you had difficulty list when he is cuz? Nobody said anything bad about him. In many many years they go back to high school. You know I graduated from high school and well. I did not drink, I saw a lot of people drink it, they drink beer and then go crazy, and then they were in high school. They were 16 17 years old and I saw a lot of it. Does that mean that they can’t do something that they want to do it? It’S a very tough thing. I really believe that he was very strong on the fact that he drank a lot, and so I don’t know where they would be big discrepancy. Yes, go ahead. Go ahead place. Has he made the process overly political, and how can you sort American people that he’ll be deliver in partial decision? Will you’ll have to ask him that question, but I can tell you he’s been treated horribly he’s a good man he’s a good man with a great family. I think he’s been treated horribly was terrific the other day and he brought up one point. That is now being discussed by a lot of people and that’s who is going to want to run for office being office, take an appointment of Nachos Supreme Court, but you know many many positions. I have right now 360 people that aren’t being approved the very qualified nobody says: they’re, not qualified, but Senator Schumer’s, not approving them because of resistant UPS truck it’s much longer than ever in the history of our country, like, I think, double the time. Almost it’s far more people than anybody in the history of our country. Most of those people are routine approvals. These are people that gave up jobs. They gave up their life to come and serve our country and Schumer, and his group would approve them, did slow-walking them. Everything is going to 30 hours, meaning they take him out 30 hours a person. That’S going to be approved, it’s a disgrace. So when the judge brings up the weather, is politics or not? I don’t know you’d have to ask him, but I can say he’s been treated really really horribly Supreme Court. Don’T want to have to call people for any court and have them say, sir. It’S such a great honor, but no thank you. I just can’t do it. I just can’t do it better, be a sad day for our country and we’re going to come close to that, because I know people now that say I don’t know how he does it. I don’t know why he would have taken, and nobody knew a thing like this could have happened when, when Justice now Justice Gorsuch got approved, it was rough, but it was nothing like that. What they do to this man and what they’re coming up with and in many cases fabricating, because, as you know, many stories were pulled back and certain stories will go back that were horrible. What they’re doing to this man and his family is very, very sad and very bad for a senators are not angels and you seen some of them in a compromising situation. Mr. president, by other Witnesses, who can corroborate the account of any of the accusers, would that be enough for you, man, I think, he’s a great scholar. I so believe him when he when he said what he did. He focused on being number one at Yale. On being number one in high school at being number one at law, he focused, I can so understand. I think it’s it was such a its own point. The way he said that it would have made an impact on me. He was so focused on being number one at Yale and I believe he was number one of you, but I understood that very well and I wanted to ask about something else. You brought up today the Las Vegas shooting, there’s some frustration, that more hasn’t been done and that past year or more hasn’t been done about bump stocks. Are there so we’re done in order to eliminate permanent bump stocks? We have to go through a procedure. We are now at the final stages of that procedure affect the lawyers were just telling me and over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be able to read that. But you can’t just write it up because rules and regulations in this a really tough, even for something like that, so we’re knocking out bump stocks. I told the NRA after all, the bump stocks a gun, but to do it, you have to go to public hearings which we’ve had you have to go through. All sorts of regulatory control systems – and we are in the final couple of weeks and I’ll be is – is our attorney around someplace, please. He said we’re in the final were in the final two or three weeks and I’ll be able to write out, if I’m sorry, but it’s a process statutorily it takes about a year to do it to do it properly and we’re working also with Congress on both Sides we are, we are working on a lot of different things. That was a horrible thing, but we’re working on both sides of that question and a bump stock is almost gone, but again to do it. So it’s meaningful. The lawyer just said it. Yeah we’ve gone through a whole procedure. If you look it back, you could call Derek. Will you know very well and he’s gone through the full procedure? We done it absolutely by-the-book and in a very short. Of time, bump stocks will be ruled out. Okay, yes, yes, ma’am! Please, please, please, please sit down.
When asked about Judge Kavanaugh’s drinking habits during a news conference on Monday, Mr Trump said he thought his answers during the hearing were “excellent”.
“He had a little bit of difficulty, he talked about things that happened when he drank,” Mr Trump said. “This is not a man who said that he was perfect with respect to alcohol.”
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