Donald Trump On Mocking Dr. Blasey Ford: ‘It Doesn’t Matter. We Won.’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Donald Trump On Mocking Dr. Blasey Ford: ‘It Doesn’t Matter. We Won.’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC
Do you still think the climate change is a hoax look? I think something’s happening something’s changing and it’ll change back again. I don’t think it’s a hoax. I think there’s probably a difference, but I don’t know that is man-made, find climate change, but it could very well go back and were talking about. Religion doesn’t believe. Human beings are responsible for climate change, but Millions will no doubt be cheered. After learning, it’s going to change back again, our guest remain with us Kimberly, Atkins, Steve, kornacki Steve. Is he based on where his basis and maybe Independence, is he trying to have something both ways here when he starts giving interviews like this starts, making comments like this? He starts obviously stirring up all sorts of controversial rousing all sorts of backlash. What are the two things that might be driving that, in part, is by his standards. I stretched by his standards. He has been quieter over the last several weeks. There’S been a lot of drama in American politics, but the White House, and certainly Trump himself, I think, participating this bit more selective and how he sort of interceded in the Cavanaugh fight he healed it to Mitch McConnell as a senate. Republicans, I think, a lot more than we’re used to seeing him do certain. He made those comments at the rally he’s made some comments on Twitter, but folks Amber the final. I say two weeks of the 2016 campaign. They remember, as among other things, the most disciplined in terms of message that Donald Trump ever was as a candidate, and it was in his final two weeks. But he made up that critical ground and just enough to win hoping that something that maybe in this truck driver this campaign that he’ll replicate for just a couple seconds. I want to show you this polling list. The got some traction over the weekend preferred Democratic 2020 candidates and there are the numbers there are the the would be that’s. My question to you is same amount of time before the 08 election would Barack Obama name recognition. Wise have cracked this list, 28 % Barack Obama was second with 17 %. They put Outdoors name in their heating up running. He was at 13 % to Obama convention speech in Boston in 2004, made him almost overnight. This sort of dream alternative by the Democrats. They got him in the race because he assumed his first year to in the Senate. 2008 would be too soon, but he started getting cold numbers like this right around this point and he started having second thoughts and said: maybe 2008 is the right time. Show me the exchange from 60 Minutes last night about dr. Ford and we’ll talk about it. On the other side, I was just saying she didn’t seem to know anything but just seem to be saying, but she lied putting out you. Can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list, as he lots of other great videos
Seeming to say the ends justify the means, Trump was pressed about mocking Kavanaugh accuser Dr. Blasey Ford on stage at a recent campaign rally. Kimberly Atkins reacts.
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Donald Trump On Mocking Dr. Blasey Ford: ‘It Doesn’t Matter. We Won.’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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