‘Don’t shoot, I’m disabled’ – BBC News

‘Don’t shoot, I’m disabled’ – BBC News
Police break into the apartment of Adam tramel schizophrenic. After neighbor reported he been having a breakdown earlier. I’Ve been wondering outside his front door naked, and then we just want to make sure you’re. Okay, when they find him Adam, is taking a shower. What happens next is called on one of the police body cameras and is very distressing when Adam doesn’t respond to the command that him and splashes water, the police she’s, given an electric shock next 10 minutes, Adam Brandon as they were, shouting, gets more distressed screens. All the more desperately but gets paid many many more times, he’s drank out of his apartment and injected. With a sedative moments. Later Adams stops breathing and dies. You didn’t deserve it at all, he’s laying in the tub dying, but even after seeing the same footage. We have the district attorney rules that, in his words, it was no basis to conclusively link Mr tramel to the actions taken by the police officers left with so many questions at the saying something. A shocking is that in a little later, we’ll hear how the police involved Justified the actions, but as Extreme as that seen it is a staggering proportion of the people killed by police in America each year who have a mental illness like Adam or physical disability 26 Year old, Ethan Saylor, who had Down syndrome idolized police officers, he’d even wanted to be one one evening he been at the cinema with a Cara, but at the end of the film hero back to his seat, wanting to see the movie again you’re in someone was Inside the next screening, without a ticket, three off-duty police officers went in Ethan’s. Mother takes up the story from evidence given in an investigation point of becomes, you need to leave or you’re going to be arrested and Ethan still doesn’t move, and so the officers will put their arms under his arms to lift him up and to remove him. The theater, so somehow in those next seconds or minutes, Ethan ends up on the floor, face down and is not breathing, was restrained, handcuffed and has been crying out before he died. We can have. Two weeks later we were called to the Sheriff’s Department. The autopsy report was back and they told us that they, medical examiner, had ruled this. A homicide and the death was caused by fixie ation and get that was probably the most dramatic and traumatic moment, and all this was realizing. He had been killed. Officers were involved in does not engage with pathic. They agree to financial settlement with her, but never so much as apologize or admit any wrongdoing. They refused all our interview request already yeah right across the u.s.. At least a hundred and thirty people with the range of disabilities are confirmed to have been killed by police officers. These are just the ones we know about. In hundreds more cases, it was never determined whether the person, how did disability at all, but one of the officers who have taken the life of someone with a disability, I’m outside of school, and I was forced into a situation where I didn’t have any other choice. But to shoot and kill the individual after, but instead was over. I was able to be told that she had a history of mental illness. I didn’t know that at the time I didn’t understand what was going on at the time. The reality is, is that no one wants to be involved in that comment where they have to point a weapon at another individual and pull the trigger. Then why does it happen so often so many people with disabilities killed by the police, well old police tell Arcos armed and they face members of the public. You are too often the complaint from many around the country. Is it offices to open command and control shouting orders and physically taking charge, especially when someone doesn’t immediately comply? I, like counting through the use of lethal Force. The problem is some people as we’ve seen come comply there’s times when you know you couldn’t touch Adam. He got really withdrawn or he get up excited and I will listen to him. I back off of them and say well, you know, okay, think about it. He had that understanding. It’S just that if I went in there and just use my authority as a father, I’m your father, this this it just didn’t work. After weeks of trying, we finally managed to speak on the phone to the district attorney, who ruled Adam did not die. As a result of the actions of the officers who tased him numerous times, they’re not doing this because they wanted to harm Adam, it’s exact opposite right. Is it there? Any number of times is that they were there to help them, but they wanted to get him out of that because they had to get them under control, so they could get them to some medical attention. You were saying that it was not unreasonable., They taste him. That’S correct., Based on their training, this a big deal well, health system widely feel to be failing, police are being forced into encounters. The trained medical professionals should be handling treated because of a lack of Access to Health Care will respond out there without 70 training. Since the incident where he felt he was forced to kill a schizophrenic woman, but he still feels as painful as it’s all been. His fundamental police instance would still kick in if the same thing happened again. I have to make sure I go home to my family at night and so whether the person is mentally ill or not, they haven’t knife and they’re, pointing it at me and they’re walking toward me and I’m telling them too out tonight, drop them off. Stop just stop my priority has to be my safety still sounds like people who conquered fly for whatever could could still get harmed almost before. Please can compute that there’s a problem, a mental health issue. Absolutely they can few hopes of the major shift in police culture, which many feel could save the lives of people with disabilities with d escalating situations really is the focus with even few expectations that mental health provision will radically and the Grimm numbers will continue to grow Across this country,
Estimates suggest that at least a quarter of all those killed by the police in the US have a disability.

Among the most vulnerable are those who find it difficult to communicate or respond to commands from police officers.

The BBC’s North America Correspondent, Aleem Maqbool, has compiled this report which contains some distressing scenes from the beginning.

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