Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath debate changes to Toronto city council

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Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath debate changes to Toronto city council
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questions for the premier the premier secret plot to interfere minutes full action is the active a bully not a leader he never campaign which is old will on the people of Toronto Niagara and Muskoka with the most Anti Democratic action has seen in years how to figure take a seat I’m going to caution the house on the use of language we we have to intervene sure that the speaker maintain decorum in this house and inflammatory language makes it too much more difficult in order to do that so I would caution members on their language Premier response play Chris Cross this province in campaign on accountability trust reducing the size and cost the government I fought for the people have this great City for years to reduce the size and cost the government not one person came up to me and said that I want more politicians they want the money to go to priorities please take me to start the clock supplementary power from the people from 14 million for the election campaign there was no and no fair process legitimate to cancel Toronto’s wards what he was going to do you withdrawal thousands of people across is Providence High talk to thousands of people in Toronto City Hall and it’s not even 20 years housing backlog buy a billion dollars right underneath our feet and priorities to the people we don’t believe in government we don’t believe in more politician more bureaucracy we’re going to make sure the city of Toronto finally run more efficiently Elementary Premier secret plot in a back room and very definition and it’s okay to leave speaker and through he wants to go Mr Speaker the difference between myself and the leader of the opposition cutting 7000 jobs Lane 7000 job. They pick Ring Power Station will still be looking how to put food on the table is up to you by 20 picture ideas take your time take it to you stop the clock order thank you next question speaker my next question is for the city council elections and teal York Niagara and isn’t it Rob people of their voice his desire for power or trying to control Toronto City Hall from the premier’s office in the city of Toronto we have 25-mph MVP’s stop your npp’s and my npp’s have to cover I can assure you when we have 25 counselors It’s going to be five hundred thousand less sheets of paper easier it’s going to make things a lot easier functional get done at City Hall thank you please restart the clock supplementary counselors that Toronto needs to serve the people of this city is the decision people of this city we have Los Angeles about 4 million people were the size and we have 47 counselors mr. speaker when I went to Los Angeles and I told the people we had 44 counselors how can you get anything we never got anything done because there’s too many politicians too little too many feet that was down there any interest of themselves my neighbor counselor Prince is here and every other city hall is dysfunctional restart the clock finals supplement local elections to steal power away from the voters is not an act I don’t need any help thank you what’s withdrawal in the middle of local elections to take power away from the taking revenge on political opponent opponent does not show strength it is a deeply chilling sign of weakness and insecurity for the people of Ontario mr. speaker leader of the opposition to go to the people maybe we should go do the people in the streets Dornoch today 125 more politicians that they weren’t consulted with 100 less please when I was there to protect the street do they want or they want last Transit do they want higher taxes or lower taxes all government we can restart the claw next question we were the opposition to the premier who just indicated that this really is all about him could not get elected as mayor of Toronto the Phoenix Toronto Nyan with the people of this city fall mr. speaker granted I only ended up with 330,000 volts when I ran for I think we did a pretty good job in the provincial election opposition people want less government they want lower taxes we are going to be laying 7,000 people off like you were going to up in Pickering we’re going to create jobs TranZit we’re going to fix the infrastructure and we’re going to take care of the billion dollars restart the clock supplementary again and the members are asking questions today on the use of inflammatory language we have to ensure that this debate continues and respectful and civil manner the greatest extent possible as we all expected in and hope we get a chance today opposition speaker the premiers decision to be in this way instead of acting like a leader is the most revealing that he has done yet by keeping his secret for the entire is in fact worthless he disagrees his own office to take me to spirited Revenge idea how to act like a premium democracy took place on June 7th they make sure we start respecting the taxpayers and that’s exactly what we’re going to do
Ont. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath and Premier Doug Ford debate planned changes to the size of Toronto city council.

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