Doug Ford, Andrea Horwath trade barbs over Liberal government spending

did the premier believe that the previous liberal government was accurately reporting the province’s deficit figure it when the election campaign began the spring free mr. speaker what I what I believe the opposition and the NDP party was supporting supporting the Liberals every step of the way cuz we have the worst political scandal in Ontario’s history at hand right now we will be going through the people are held accountable for the taxpayers of Ontario that’s what I believe you’re here every time a new government rules in pretending to be shocked by the deficit numbers that weren’t shocked what a shock to anyone who’s read a newspaper over the last year the change but this pantomime when Playbook does a pre-lit premier really expect anyone to believe it Rose history we have a 15 billion dollar Scandal on her hands and we’re going to get down to the bottom of it as the NDP stood side-by-side shoulder by shoulder that is unacceptable to the people of Ontario the people want Ariel want answers accountable I assured the people of Ontario there’s going to be answers we will get there and there will be people held accountable thank you I wish the premium would actually look at the numbers cuz he would discover that the Tories propped up the Liberals about 50% of the time speaker he said that he balance the budget within 3 years / taxes for his wealthy friends and do it all without cutting the services that families rely on was Reckless irresponsible and could not be achieved without deep deep cuts to the services at families rely upon is the Premier still promising to balance the books by 2021 or is he now admitting that his promise was irresponsible and that he never had a plan to keep it to you mr. speaker I’d like to know why the leader of the opposition is defending the win level accounting practices for you mr. speaker has the same accounting practices during the election has he saw with the Liberals for the last 15 years they were five billion dollars off the only difference is the Liberals were about 9 billion dollars off on their projections but I can assure the people of Ontario we’re going to keep with our mandate Lauren taxes Lauren gas prices and we’re already halfway there by reduction in rates jobs created in this great father we start the clock opposition questions also for the premier let’s be specific during the last campaign the premier Echo our commitment to end hallway medicine in our hospitals across-the-board cuts would result in hospital closures in Ontario and layoffs for Frontline staff at a hospital like many others across Ontario that has been operating at surge capacity for months and months is the Premier prepared to back up 6 billion dollars in cuts to ensure that hospitals like this have the resources that they need to come back hallway medicine have the best minister of Health I’ve ever seen I have all the confidence in the minister held the end stop the lineups that are for five hours in the hallway of every hospital in this province to the doctors and the nurses that we think the world of the front-line workers CM Punk from the Frontline healthcare workers in the in the doctor’s we will move forward with a joint plan because nothing is worse than a bunch of politicians professional healthcare workers, operate operate the hospitals what they do every single day we will straighten out the health-care mess that would create thank you thank you supplementary during the campaign the premier promised that he could and would make six billion dollars worth of cuts and that no hospital or no family would be affected by his cut his Finance sister said and I quote the whole is deep and it will require everyone to make sacrifices without exception which is it 15 billion dollar scandal at hand here what’s wrong with that and the MVP in the world because they were shoulder-to-shoulder standing together and I can tell you the leader of the opposition better come up with better answers then we all knew about it that is disgusting but it was pretty obvious that there was going to be a problem with the Auditors that response to the liberal but books and we all knew a speaker so maybe he would be one of the only tumbling scooter hospital then disappearing job scrambling to explain why he’s not going to keep the empty promises that he made on the campaign Trail everyone in Ontario new the Liberals were playing games with the deficit it was obvious will the premier admit his promise to instantly eliminate the what offering tap handles to his wealthy friends was irresponsible and Reckless and if not will you tell family exactly what it is then plans to cut I want to know where was leader of the opposition 7% of the time in the back room Deals they were standing and the biggest political wasting billions and billions of taxpayers money will be paying off each our children because the NDP stood by intek down the actions of the liver
Horwath and Ford debate the PCs spending promises, healthcare cuts and the previous Ont. government’s spending practices.

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