Doug Ford commits $11.2B toward $30B Toronto transit expansion plan

Doug Ford commits $11.2B toward $30B Toronto transit expansion plan
Doug Ford commits $11.2B toward $30B Toronto transit expansion plan
The people of Ontario have waited long enough. You have waited long enough. The weight has been decades and Transit users feel it, and so that reaches a critical mass at some point and that’s just asking for failures, Transit season keeping up haven’t invested the way we needed for the last 30 years of growth, we’re facing another 30 years of Growth on top of that, it gets actually kind of scary and daunting to say: can we catch up relieve congestion with an additional line and extend three others, but only 11 billion dollars of the total will come from the province. Ford assumed the rest would be paid for by the city of Toronto, the federal government and private partnership. The problem is federal, government wasn’t even consulted on this plan. Finance Minister Bill Morneau isn’t impressed. We have already put significant funding and we have found it difficult to actually get these projects going, because the interior government is not at the table trying to get those and frankly, jobs on the line. Scarborough doesn’t end up. Mcallen bring up our cities Transit plans on sending us back to square one at the first of the big-ticket items along the way to downtown relief line wouldn’t be completed until at least 2027, and that’s assuming all the political players can get along Nicole. Ireland CBC News. Toronto of downtown Toronto runs at or above capacity, every weekday according to the TTC, the results of so few lines serving so many after New York, City and Mexico City Toronto has the third busiest transit system in North America. A big part of it is street car service but clear that away, and you see just how small the subway it really is. Toronto’S 3 subway line stretch for just over 70 km run for more than 200 km in New York City for 22. Subway Roots cover more than a thousand there’s enough to take you to Chicago if the tracks were laid end-to-end after today’s Cash commitment from Ontario, you can expect more tomorrow, the 4th government is putting out its first budget. We will be crunching those details tomorrow, night
Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s government on Wednesday unveiled 4 major Toronto-area transit projects — including a new 15-kilometre “Ontario Line” stretching from Ontario Place to the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto.

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