Doug Ford offers $7.35M to cities and school boards to find savings | Power & Politics

Doug Ford offers $7.35M to cities and school boards to find savings | Power & Politics
Doug Ford offers $7.35M to cities and school boards to find savings | Power & Politics
During the campaign I committed to finding $ 0.04 on every dollar that we spend we’re doing our part. Now we need the large Urban municipalities in the district school boards to do what we did and find 4 % find $ 0.04 on every dollar they spend. So our government will pay for independent experts who can look at the books line by line just like we did to review their budgets in order to find savings. Premier Doug Ford says the reviews are needed to help the province. Tackle is 11.7 billion dollar deficit and debt that sits around $ 347. They offered to pay for third-party audit municipalities and school boards, though, have been warning. Provincial Cuts will mean layoffs and service reductions or 4 stack pipes. Youtube on every dollar of savings would need about a $ 19 budget cut for Guelph. That’S really the big question here. If he is indicating that municipalities or even school boards are trying to find $ 0.04 on every dollar, that equates to 90 million dollars for Guelph. So what does that mean? Does that mean bless plowing of the roads or not cutting the grass on our Sports Fields, or does that mean less police goes on and on, and those are the types of conversations that we would have to have with our residents here. But I don’t have residence banging down the doors saying that they want less and if that’s really what it comes down to, then it is either going to be increased taxes or cutting a services their budget and that that’s what municipalities can do. Instead of cutting services to to look at efficiencies, do you think there is $ 0.04 on every dollar and efficiencies that you could potentially look at? Cutting is everywhere else in the world. What’S actually been happening from the upper level of government from the provincial government is what cold cuts. So I find it disingenuous to say that we are that they are finding efficiencies when really what they’re doing is and if they’re downloading a lot of the stuff that they had at their level of government down to the local level. But then they’re they’re out in front of the camera saying what we found: efficiencies efficiencies, those are cuts, and so I think I would ask respectfully back to the premier what it, what exactly? How are you defining efficiencies and how are you defining Cuts? Cuz, there’s? Obviously, a disconnect there seen as a mare what what is so far what is affecting well well so far, we’re looking at there’s a public health which we share with two other municipalities were looking at upwards to billion dollars. There alone, I ended also with the gas tax that was supposed to be double with his promise by the government that never showed up for municipalities across the province you’re. Looking at millions of dollars over 10, many municipalities, including Guelph, are going to be looking for, and it seems like we’re on this treadmill of every other day. A new cut is coming out until you have cities that are trying to respond and also stop members that are trying to respond all these different cuts that are coming every other day that you can do as mayor. I know you spoke, but is there a difference in Apple, has sent a letter saying just what recourse do you have seems very reasonable. One of the things that has bothered me and some other mares is that a lot of these cuts that are coming from the province or being retroactive after the fact that we’ve already set our budgets minutes Audi’s are on a completely different fiscal calendar than the province Of many of the members of the government, including the premier, come from a municipal background, so they should know that already and so the fact that they’re trying to impose these cuts on us and now trying to say we’ll just find efficiencies better already retroactive back to The beginning of the year, it’s just it’s not.. It is not courteous in the way that this is coming together. So it myself, mare, Tori and others were saying. Look it. We realize the financial situation that you’re in we get it, and we want to partner with you in a respectful way, moving forward to do that, pause, stop for a little bit, let’s figure out how we can get together and discuss what our next steps are together. I will try to get something together. Maybe for the beginning of that seems reasonable everyone, I talk to says, that’s a reasonable thing to do, but today’s announcement and trying to find efficiencies does not even address the retroactive issue that many municipalities are facing of the government. Why have I am the large Urban Meyer’s caucus Ontario chair so officially under that rule, which represents 28 mares, 67 % of the population of Ontario? We did send a letter a couple weeks ago fighting our concerns. We do actually have a meeting of the caucus, along with the minister Clark of Municipal Affairs, that will be meeting with us face-to-face on Friday and we look forward to talking about not only the issues we had the today’s announcement. But obviously we have a lot of question. The devil is in the details, so they say in regards to the announcement made by the premier today, the past few weeks about the impact of their decisions in their budget assertive after after the budget impact. I guess you could call them: do you have any level of optimism that they will change their mind on any of this. They’Ve talked a lot about the deficit aquathin the reason that they’re making his decisions might they Backtrack on that? Well, when we sent the letter, the large of America caucus of Ontario Center letter a couple of weeks ago, we did receive it was done through the media, but we did receive a response from the I know they would. They will not stop what they’re doing we’re. Not going to let up as a larger domestic assault, Ontario myself as the mayor of Guelph, we need to communicate to them again that we respectfully want to work with them on this play some doctor in. But there are better ways are going about this and it starts with treating a non-confrontational relationship. You know they got the rest of their term in front of them. We got the rest of the term for us mares as well for the next few years. What’S have? What’S have a good relationship, moving forward to figure out how we can move forward together instead of having these Cuts imposed on us. Ruth, really, no discussion at all mares across Ontario has some questions about the provincial government’s plan to pay for efficiency reviews and what it Could mean for their bottom lines today, Premier Doug Ford, said the reviews are needed to help the province, tackle its 11.7 billion dollar deficit, how to round 347 billion dollars, but the offer to pay for third-party audits comes as municipalities in school boards have been warning that Provincial Cuts will mean layoffs and service reductions or could Forest tax hikes. So how will this plan work? Is the province looking to ballast books on the backs of Municipal taxpayers? Steven leche is an Ontario Progressive. Conservative NPP and the Parliamentary assistant to Premier does 40 joins us now from Toronto. Again, 7 ounce, more than 7 million dollars for a third-party audit to choose, is the who? Does the author chooses the third party? Will it be your government, the largest cities, by the way smaller communities, including volcanoes, like in Township? In my writing? We announce money’s for this audit and for that modernization fun some months ago. This is to enable the largest cities in the province of Ontario to reduce redundancy efficiencies in Albany, get better use of their tax dollars or providing an enabling investment about 7 million bucks to municipalities to help them with the audit and the minister of Municipal Affairs and His ministry on the mechanics of how we behind the audit, the city government, since of altering it, should have been hoping they will step forward and work with us in Partnership. That there’s got to be a efficiencies found in municipal government and when province of Ontario. But it’ll be in the city of Toronto, for example, over the last 10 years has increased their budget by 100, nearly 100 % in a decade. That is absolutely let that has been increasing. That budget is going to waste are suggesting that the rate of growth is unsustainable in the province of Ontario. I mean my goodness she is, you will know. As I will know, those that have household you couldn’t increase spending by 100 % over 10 years at the well above inflation incumbents, Rising north of 10 or 12 % Ami it just not sustainable for families, and why is it the government? I think it’s in the frustration for a lot of people at home, so he was the frustration of I look back the last year when I knock on doors both during the election and and even still as an MPP people. I cannot conceive, but this government is living value for my money. There is a truth, belief. Deeply ingrained principle by Ontario cross party lines is wasting my money and I demand I insist on an actual value and so the value proposition for the municipality. Since we found $ 0.08 to the dollar and saving this is while we increased investments in healthcare future. The claims you’re about to make that increasing Investments you’ve seen teacher School Board announced that they’re laying off a number of teachers, even though you promising the campaign that there would be no jobs being seized, you’ve talked in there being talk about child care spaces. Talk about about other kinds of health programs like breakfast programmes, I mean they would have a hard time, believing that does the fiscal framer look at our numbers this year alone, the problems. Let me dispute every single one of those claims. If I can remember them, you’re welcome to remind me, Health Care in healthcare make Healthcare more accessible peoples home which reduces spending another 15,000 long-term care beds, Karachi being built. As we speak, I mean in mental health. We’Ve already allocate significant funds in this week alone. There will be new money’s flowing in the province of Ontario to deal with addictions and mental health issues, an issue near and dear to my family’s heart. I mean, with the great respect to those who suggest reduction Hispanic wedding, virtually every single area, from Long-Term Care for Seniors to mental health, from most vulnerable to those who are trying to get a Quality Healthcare without having being in a whole way. We are adding money. Every step of the way in education or money increase in Spencer education nearest elementary teachers in 800, High School teachers viewers across this country in Ontario in September of this year. There will not be involuntary layoffs, cheat for your teachers. All of this hysteria around our education system, serviced or stupid, I’m suggesting that in September, what I promised with the premier has set in the legislature is that there will not be the layups as proposed as far as proposed by demons, and it probably a different interpretation. What’S going to happen, I’m not going to challenge their notice. I’M saying to you and it’s the premier has said the Minister of Finance Administration. Why would we spend such Capital? We didn’t believe so strongly in September. Classrooms are going to continue to have the educator that they need to ensure young people, the modern education and ultimately able to compete in modern world of the of the new Democrats and liberals is that they want to. I really just say anything but the facts, because the numbers in our budget speak volumes. We are increasing spending. I’Ve raised with Ozzy putting myself as a member of the concerns of the quality of the facilities are suits, are being housing are being educated in none of them. Are there like the school? Some of them are in very bad shape, we’re adding a net investment schools. Remember the clothes 600 adding money to build new ones, budget Tori. Is there they’re looking at some of the decisions and the cop that your government has made around, for example, of take public house as a as a as a typical example? There’S simply no changing the balance of who ends up paying for this right of time. They’Re saying this is downloading by stealth. Muir-Torre has written to your government said. Can we just let’s just be reasonable press pause for a second lots of these big cities have passed. Many smaller ones to have passed their budgets what’s the Giant and if there needs to be cut there needs to be some way of dealing with that deficit. Can we not press pause, work together and Implement them? The next budget Ontario for the first time swimming in my recollection, please read me wrong – is uploading. The TTC, with multibillion-dollar cost Associated moving it from the municipal building people moving in the city Charter. I was at., are Subway. Expansion, sick actually help reduce congestion, which is a critical issue, which I think is an application leadership instead of all of this stuff, once their budgets have already been said, wait a little bit role model for real on Trailblazer, the association’s the municipal governments have to have It in their behalf, we’ve been clear from the beginning when the premier spoke to a moldy Association of municipalities, every one of us not just the province of Ontario, but all governments at all levels have to do their part to live within their means. The position by variety of mirrors is that we should defer the problem, and this is a constant refrain of politician – is not Cuts all this money from public health that will affect people and their breakfast programs right away. Let’S wait and figure out the the way we can cut this money for the least in time. Community and Social Services have suggested that continues to be funded unimpeded, but just with respect to the request, the request is essentially to delay. The problem may be like the first problem until another fiscal year and four people at hope. When you like in Ontario that when we came into power, we inherited Province 250 Boulevard Epson. We are spending $ 40 more per day than we take a noticed. We were when we came into Power numbers gone down. If the solution is to defer and delayed is inevitable, decisions must be made. Then I think that’s an abdication of core leadership. Look. The fact is, Municipal governments, like every government could find savings $ 0.04 to the dollar is rather small spent on the dollar. You’Ve already said: here’s all the cuts Now find another fourth time today to incursion to return to reduce those and efficiencies and looked in the front in the city of Toronto. You mentioned it: they’ve increased their spending by 100 % of 10 years to find efficiencies reduced application. So I would argue, now is the time to act and I think every person in the city phone across Ontario say yes. Government of all Stripes could do more with less more of our field by subscribing to the CBC News Channel or click the link for another video. Thanks for watching
Ontario Premier Doug Ford says the province is willing to pay $7.35 million for large municipalities and school boards to review their budgets in an effort to find savings.
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