Doug Ford on Toronto mass shooting: “Our hearts are broken”

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Doug Ford on Toronto mass shooting: “Our hearts are broken”
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a Queen’s Park today mpps stood for a moment of silence in honor of the victims of last night’s mass shooting on the Danforth the party leaders address the legislature and each Express their solidarity with the victims their families and the City Ford said the shooting was tragic and should be a cause for anger but he said he hoped it would also be a catalyst that leaves to action on gun violence outrage and then nothing nothing changes will there be action to here but we just I just left a mess meeting with the minister Blair Chiefs Tarzan and Mary Tory there was a lot of collaboration and consensus so I can tell the people of Toronto on the people of Ontario that we’re all standing shoulder-to-shoulder the federal government municipal government in the provincial collectively will work together and our hearts are broken today one of the greatest cities in the world and what a tragedy you can’t even comprehend things like this happening in in in a great City like Toronto and and it did happen there there is anger there there’s frustration good discussion we covered a wide range of topics from illegal guns getting into this country and mental-health we we allocated 1.9 billion from the for mental health in in the the federal government which I thank him they’re going to match that another 1.9 billion so it’s a total of 3.8 billion and for mental health which part of that’s going to be going to the but we covered a wide range of areas and we’re going to work collectively to make sure this tragedy never happens again you’ve been briefed by the chief police Chiefs in the past as well about our guns in the across-the-board the police have what they need divorce authorities have what they need to stop the flow of Gods hand in hand with our us counterparts the US counterparts have been very very Cooperative we want to thank them for their cooperation and then that’s about all I can say on that that let me ask you one more thing then system do we have enough courts we have enough crowd attorneys and if enough being done when someone gets arrested on gun charges don’t lie it on like I’m pretty biased when it comes to this I’m pretty outspoken that for people with guns open up the sentences and we can’t let these people out in a few years I’m on parole and let it happen again or or someone gets arrested on a Friday night and they get bail on there Wednesday for Retribution that that’s unacceptable absolutely unacceptable and I think there was a consensus on the room on on that and the laws have to be changed thank you Premier thank you again
Ontario Premier Doug Ford spoke with CTV News Toronto after a joint meeting with Toronto Mayor John Tory and Police Chief Mark Saunders.

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