Doug Ford plans to cut Toronto’s city council in nearly half | Sunday Scrum

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Doug Ford plans to cut Toronto’s city council in nearly half | Sunday Scrum
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it is the most dysfunctional political arena in the country City Hall the reason it’s so dysfunctional we have 44 people trying to make a decision that can’t make a decision this affect the way people are represent the very structure of the government closest to the people and the notion that we will make significant change to that structure absolutely any public consultation with no public consultation our discussion with the people is right and it isn’t necessary political battle is brewing in Ontario Premier Doug Ford is going to slash the size of Toronto city council by nearly have the number will drop from 44 when going to jump it 47 now back down to 25 Toronto downtown core could see the biggest Cane that sparked immediate backlash both inside and outside City Hall many people are calling the plant undemocratic that’s because Doug Ford was a former Toronto councillor himself did not include the seat cut plans as part of his provision election promises it’s time now for this Sunday’s from joining us from Ottawa is the Globe and Mail columnist John if it’s in hello John just making sure we got bad connection okay biggie let’s begin with you and this announcement first we got the reports then we got the confirmation to Premier wants to slash Toronto City Council by nearly half what did you about announcements City it’s very much as I wrote like the the Mike Harris government moving very quickly on a number of fronts in all directions so that your opponents who left unbalanced and unable to really focus it would work call Polaris government and if I suspect it’s working well for the Ford government that said if I can make one point the globe had a story about the plans that the Ford government has to privatize marijuana sales I wants to become legal in October Tuesday important story so usually important story to everyone in Ontario who may or may not want to acquire a marijuana and it’s a huge important story across the country because Ontario is the largest single jurisdiction and Ontario’s proceeding with private sale that will PCM places in other jurisdictions to go to Private Sales as well that story matters this story I have to say the CDC is headquartered in downtown Toronto the Globe and Mail is headquartered in downtown Toronto is Bob more important to a lot of people on the show then it is even within the province of Ontario and certainly naturally overall potentially might have gotten support for it the issue is around how he’s done it we’re in the middle of the Toronto municipal election campaigns have already started candidates have already put their names forward so that was part of the concern that we also heard from the marriage John torrio play a couple of clips for you on that because it is acknowledged that the government is going to head and move ahead with our plan and then the mayor had this reaction was take a listen and what I just can’t support is change being rammed down our throats without a single 2nd of public consultation and on top of that done in the middle of the election. Itself you don’t change the rules in the middle of the game that is not right and that is not fair your response to that it is arbitrary and vindictive and unfair I also believe it’s part of the Ford government’s governing approach which is to demonize downtown Progressive Elites in doing so appeal to the support of middle-class Suburban voters outside the downtown courts of Toronto all I’m saying is in a way you’re falling for it by making it such a huge story and my pulling everybody started yelling at the top of their lungs and pulling at their hair they’re making it exactly what the Ford wants to become a contest between downtown Progressive Elites and the rest of the province there are other things before government is doing that I completely do not support such as canceling existing contracts on alternative electrical generation that again are serious and subs and substantive this is at the end of the day for just a process story what do you think understandable she came out against this but he also they’re not that far from each other fully and strong got some Flack in City Hall on Friday about this because they’re became some Revelations item Pack Ford might have hinted towards this move earlier on so a Michael Leighton who is the son of former NDP leader leader Jack Layton was pretty heated in strange with the Meredith cyclist in the bat that somebody knew about this in advance and didn’t bring it to our attention and apologize to me and do this chamber for getting up and then that kind of that that that way where you’re just kind of implying it but not saying it get up if you have the balls to do it and say it Nikki what do you think I think anyone has ever seen John changes in the next few months and that’s why this was an act of Revenge or perhaps targeting political foes there was some speculation that in fact for move forward this move to prevent former leader of the Ontario PC party Patrick Brown from getting the sea representing peel region so now that position as Regional chair will be appointed Not Elected so instead Patrick Brown is going to run for the mayor of Brampton and we in fact spoke with him yesterday put that question to him let’s have a listen to what he had to say I’m not going to speculate on what his decision-making process is personal relationships you think it was based on personal relationships map of the progressive conservative party rather than one of the more mainstream contenders and then there was so much Adam is towards the liberal government that yo he had a good group of advisers around and we had a very strong cabinet that he would listen to the council to recognize that he has no experience entry-level as a politician at all and be guided by their advice we now know that at least what it is a subdued affection personally like his past on city council he will exercise the full powers of the office of Premier which are considerable for personal Petty and vindictive acts as it does not good on him and it does not bode well for his government and Sundays from Toronto Following last week’s deadly mass shooting now it comes as Federal legislation seeking to tighten access to Firearms is already being tabled so what changes could be coming and how much of an impact would they actually have we got our Sunday scrum to weigh in on that
Doug Ford, Ontario’s premier, plans to cut Toronto’s city council in half mid-election. Is this a distraction from his policy to privatise marijuana sales?
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