Doug Ford quick to execute populist agenda in first month as Ontario premier

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Doug Ford quick to execute populist agenda in first month as Ontario premier
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storm clouds continue to gather over Queens Park a controversial decision to split City Council in half isn’t sitting well with Toronto voters my approval ratings as he marks one month in office it has been 31 days since you’re done for took office and there has been no shortage of controversy as Ford move quickly to implement a popular agenda we have seen no wastage of any time for this government to get to work and act decisively and quickly on the issues that they feel are important to the people this province in the first month in office York University strike cancelled cap-and-trade and scrapped hundreds of green energy contracts Ford’s biggest win came early when the CEO of Hydro One targeted for his six million dollar salary took a retirement package moves that have made Ford popular at least within Toronto he’s way into his honeymoon now and the numbers are really good he’s got a 40% approval rating and 4 years ago when had approximately 40% approval rating when she first became premier but this past month has also seen an outcry from parents and teachers upset over the reversal of the sex and curriculum it is still unclear whether students will be taught about consent gender identity or safe I think the answer to that really lies in September when our children go back to school and then we find out how that actually manifest itself thank you very much everybody the most controversial move by far has been cutting down the size of Toronto City Council holster save 47% of those asked do not approve of the premiers plan this policy hasn’t really been sold yet and up for his just answer minutes Logan though you’re too many politicians and so forth but they really have to make a case for this I don’t think they’ve done that and there is more to come the government plans to change course on pot sales putting it into the hands of private Retailer’s instead of the LCBO it is a dizzying pace for a new government if you look at the last the last few weeks and if that’s any indication of what we should expect I think we should have our our seatbelts fastened expect the unexpected
In his first 31 days in office, Ontario Premier Doug Ford has moved quickly to implement his agenda to a mixed reception.

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