Doug Ford reverses cuts to municipal funding | Power & Politics

Doug Ford reverses cuts to municipal funding | Power & Politics
Doug Ford reverses cuts to municipal funding | Power & Politics
We came to conclusion their savings, but they need more time, so will will work with them and, at the end of the day that the taxpayers are going to be better off. The announcement today to maintain pre-budget fund Bibles for land ambulance, public health and Childcare Services gives us that opportunity to have a good consultation and good suggestions about how collectively we can find those savings. But at the same time there is only one taxpayer. Ontario Premier Doug Ford had resisted weeks of pressure from units apologies over funding Cuts, but today he gave in announcing he would cancel the retroactive Cuts plan for this year. Those cuts would have affected Public Health Services, child care and ambulance services mirrors across the province, worn for the cuts would force them to raise taxes or / services. In the past, two weeks for members of Ford’s government have seen on this program defending the move. How to listen efficiencies make sure that the taxpayer money is respected and that they, the money, is invested in those things that matter most and it flows to the people. Yes, when our government was elected with the requirement to be Financial stewards of the government of the people’s money, the taxes that people pay there should have been an indication of the part of municipalities that they would be expect play their part to have the funds to Be able to press that pause button all right, it’s just not possible solution. These inevitable must be made. Then I think that’s a notification of car. What made the Ontario government change its mind and reverse this year’s cuts to municipalities, evicted Ellie is Ontario’s. Minister of Finance. He joins us from Queens Park in Toronto. High Minister for Delhi, great to see you reversal. Did you make such a decision because of what you heard from mirrors or what you saw in the pool? While I think did it’s called protecting what matters most and that’s the people of Ontario, and we said we would balance the budget in a reasonable and responsible way and Premier Ford listen to the mayor’s and we’re opening up the opportunity flexible here. We know that they can find $ 0.04 for pennies on every dollar and we’re going to help them do that we put 7.35 million dollars at their disposal to help them the large Urban municipalities, the efficiencies that we’re looking for and look for the waste in the Government, but there’s only one taxpayer, take care of the Premier say that earlier there’s only one taxpayer, and so this is really about protecting what matters most, that single taxpayer that’s something extra. There was public health money that was caught for ambulances. There were Child Care spaces that Marathon 4-week heading expressing concern because we have had so many ministers and decisions you heard Mr leche, for example, say I moved to delay, would be an abdication of leadership. So something change. Was it what you were seeing in the pool and how unpopular these Cuts appear to be? Well, we’ll look at the premise of what we’re doing when we took office. The previous government was spending 40 million dollars everyday more than they took in. So we know that we need to be able to find these efficiencies find that waist and so what we said to the municipalities. Look we’re going to hope. You find that waste for the smaller in the northern municipalities and the rural municipalities that we put a 200 million dollar fund to help 405 of them find these efficiencies. And I like what we’re hearing worse, we’re being very encouraged by Mayors who have been proactive and looking for these efficiencies and now we’re offering 7.35 million for the larger Urban municipalities the thirty-nine of them stop talking about those four signs. I’M talking about the initial cuts that you decided to reverse today. Did you make a mistake, not Consulting with these municipalities prior to announcing his cut Association of municipalities of unabomb Terio? We renewed our m o? U r, r, a memorandum of understanding with the municipalities to they have a pretty good understanding of where we’re going and where we’re headed. They know that I have a 40 million-dollar, add a problem that we inherited from the liberal government, and so they know that we’re looking for to help them find these efficiencies and I think, we’re going to work together.. I think it shows that he’s flexible. We all know we need to get to a point where we balance the budget at the end of our plan, and is this will help us get there in a responsible and a reasonable way? Thanks for saying we interview them many times to, they were saying that they understand that you have a big deficit to tackle, but that they were not consulted, explicitly not consulted. In the lead-up to make a mistake, we talked about all of the various issues that were there that showed up at the meeting. They have an understanding of what we’re doing. We’Ve been very open and transparent with them, but I can tell you they all want to get to the same place. They know that there’s easily for sense to fight. We said we would find $ 0.04 on every dollar and in fact we found almost $ 0.08 8 Pennies on every dollar spent, so we’re good Minister up for the most part, you ask us where we in the first day in office, we saved 300 million dollars In efficiencies by changing the way, ohip plus is nobody lost a job, nobody has any less service and they had hey before we just did it differently and save 300 million dollars. That was day 1 is justify deficiencies. You were saying hello.. Anybody who says there’s no waste in gov really needs to take a good look and that’s why we’re giving them the money to help them look inward at where they can find the waste. Tell you has a former mayor who dug and dug and dug. You know that there’s waste in all levels of government there’s better ways to do things. There’S new technology that we’ve introduced, I’m just thinking about programs that, like digital-first it all. There are many new ways to do: programs right now, for instance, as an efficiency that we talked about, we’re saying you can go and get your driver’s license. You can go and get your vehicle registration, your ohip card. You can now do it online, instead of only a true ServiceOntario. That’S going to save the taxpayer 33 and 1/2 million dollars a year, we’re showing, where showing the municipalities the agencies. The boards, in the commission’s look ways to do things that are modernized or transformative or digitize for that matter, and we’re encouraging them to join us and find those for cents on the dollar. Ending the contract with the beer store, cost Ontario taxpayers premature for anybody and, quite frankly, responsible for anybody just to think that there’s going to be a cost, we’re bringing legislation in and the end and the legislation is, is very definitive. And I would hope that we will continue to bring choice and convenience and, quite frankly, fairness to the people of Ontario, and I would encourage the beer store and other groups to work with us. Bringing that choice convenience. There is a good opportunity, as as we open new facilities right across Ontario, there’s a good opportunity for partners to be involved with us penis contract. What kind of message does that send to businesses that do business with the Ontario government? No matter what stripe the government is issue here is unfair contract. It was a sweetheart deal signed by Kathleen Wynne in the liberal government for years and not acting on this, not bringing this legislation not ending the sweetheart deal. We would have this for six more years, where it’s an unfair contract to the people of Ontario, we’re trying to bring Choice Canyons In fairness, but it’s not just about bringing beer and wine into convenience stores, and it’s not just about Choice inconvenience. It’S really an issue of fairness. You’Ve got the only place on the planet. Does the weight of the beer distribution the way we do? Most people don’t understand or don’t know the beer store, isn’t owned by the government, its own by three Global multinational beer stores? That’S not the people of Ontario, so the issue of the idea that the the government has put forward. You know that the Ontario is open for business again, ending if a contract. I understand you disagree with it with the Merit of the contract, but it still was by and by the Ontario government. So what does it tell business if you’re willing to break that? What’S a 22-page, solid report that talked about how this is unfair to the taxpayer? It takes away Choice inconvenience if it’s just patently different than anywhere else on the planet, on how beer is sold the throat the province of Ontario compared to everywhere else. It gives more opportunities for a near-monopoly rather than opening it up for choice and convenience right across the province. So if you’ve got an opportunity to bring an end to this unfair contract, that’s exactly what we’re doing today, guarantee that Ontario taxpayers won’t have to pay. Because of this position, it would be premature to speculate. We have to look at the legislation and you’ll see what we’ve done in our legislation that, by the way, we hope to pass, we hope to bring to a final vote and pass before the legislature rises in 2 weeks. I appreciate your time today. That’S Ontario Finance Minister Vic fedeli from Queens Park in Toronto. Ontario Premier Doug Ford had resisted weeks of pressure from municipalities over funding Cuts, but today he relented announcing he would cancel the retroactive Cuts plan this year. Those cuts would have affected Public Health Services, child care and ambulance services mares across the province, worn for the cuts would force them to either raise taxes or /. Those services in the past two weeks for members of Ford’s government have seen on this program how to listen to it on a clear mandate to find the efficiencies make sure that taxpayer money is respected and that they, the money, is invested in those things. That matter most and it flows to the people Now’s the Time to find savings for the taxpayer, and I think every person in the city of Toronto across town trailer say. Yes, when was elected with the requirement to be Financial stewards of the government’s the people’s money. The tax that people pay there should have been an indication of the part of municipalities that they would be expected to play their part to have the funds to be able to press that pause button. It’S just not possible these inevitable decisions must be made. Then I think that’s an education of core leadership, star of the large Urban marra’s caucus of Ontario. He joins us via Skype. I’M nice to see you back. So I understand that the premier personally called you to deliver the news this morning. What did he say? 30? I believe this morning he just wanted to give me the heads-up that himself, along with getting some advice from Minister Stephen Clark, minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, obviously thought about the issues that the lump has it brought to the province and through to him over the Last little, while and they’re going to make an announcement this morning indicating that they were going to maintain the funding for this year and not do the retroactive cuts that were coming on to municipalities for 2019. What do you think drove the decision voice? We had all the mayors of Ontario and other agencies are there. Groups are all speaking invoice that we recognize the financial situation that the province was in. But by doing these Cuts retroactively after municipalities, budgets have already been past, was going to be Greenlee difficult for City to try to figure that out. I was only six months remaining in the year he weeks and right up until Friday, there was no indication given to us that that they were going to change their mind, they’re, actually pretty adamant that there was nothing left in the in the cupboard and they had They had to do these these Cuts, so I guess what do you make of that? Well, I’m. On Friday the lump lemaire’s did meat and Minister Clark was in attendance, and I would say that he was very authentic with us. He was here for quite a while and he did a lot of listening, and that was appreciative – and he promised, after listening to us, that he was going to take these issues back to the caucus table at the provincial government and in with the quick turnaround. Just from Friday till Monday, obviously you know we made that impact for them to change their mind, and we are very thankful and it does show that the government is listening. The only thing that we would say it all back to them. Moving forward is, we shouldn’t have had to have this back and forth, and this positioning we want to be able to work with them moving forward in a collaborative way, and I’ve heard that message from them as well too. So we’re thankful for that. But work with us in advance so that we don’t ever get to these Crossroads, where we’re, having manner that it has been in the last couple months, you’re still looking in the future to make the cut that they were talking. So they put what would have been active on hold, but they still so what does that mean? Do you think for Guelph, and what do you think that means for your next budget? Do you know specifically specifically – and I think that’s what the deferral is going to be all about it is an opportunity – has to be meeting with the province and for them to meet with us between now and when are 20/20 budgets are done, so we we do, Need some more clarity as much as were thankful about the announcement today. We need to have some more details and some more clarity and in the details a little bit about moving forward, because we still want to be able to try to maintain those core services that are citizens across the province are looking for, but we’re also going to Sit down with them partner with them to meet those objectives in you know the less amount of impact to our citizens that we can possibly do qualities. I imagine like yours had to figure out. If you have, 4 % can be saved and quote-unquote efficiencies are going to take them up on that now, while speaking of them are absolutely no problem, if I can find a Dollar that can stay in the taxpayers pocket, so it’s better there than in the government. So I’m absolutely fine with that I’ll, take your advice or suggestions from anyone, whether that’s someone walking down the street or if it’s the province of Ontario. But again we do, as I said to you last time, was on the show. We got to make sure that we are also defining what is a cut and what is an efficiency and that some of the detail stuff that we need to figure out before we move into our 2020 budget. Did you guys arrange for the meeting? Yes, I did on the phone, I said love, you know why don’t we try to get together several times between now and then so we can try to Hash this out and and work together, and they were very receptive to that even asking as the lone comares For the last couple months, anyways, so that’s it exactly! I think the reset Today Was a Good reset at them. Put it to you that way today was a great reset of the relationship between the municipalities, Provence that we can move forward, and it’s good to get that reset done now and not have the sort of back-and-forth are pitting one against another over the next several years. That were Mayors in our term and the provincial government is in their term. Okay, thanks man. I appreciate your time today. That’S can go through the mayor of Guelph coming to us from well. Thank you or click the link, another video thanks for watching
Premier Doug Ford reversed this year’s municipal funding cuts for things like child care and public health, after weeks of outcry from mayors across Ontario.
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