Doug Ford to use notwithstanding clause to force Toronto city council cuts

very much for your coming today earlier this summer our government introduced a better Local Government Act this act would reduce the size and cost of Toronto’s municipal government and improve decision-making by fixing the current dysfunctional government in the political gridlock that is crippled Toronto City Hall this plan would replace a broken system warehousing Transit infrastructure can’t get built a system that isn’t working with a more efficient Council a streamlined government that can’t Jackson and get to work on the issues that really matter to the people are planned would align trunnell’s Ward boundaries with what we see federally in provincial as I’ve always said we have 25mps we have 25 Mbps and it’s working fine so absolutely working fine that has been working fine for a while section 92 subsection eight of the Constitution makes it clear the province has the exclusive responsibility over municipalities and the City of Toronto is in fact operation of the Ontario legislature virtually every single legal expert agreed that this law was completely constitutional and within the legal power of the call Vince to and eye experts including those who do not support our government the experts all agreed that this law was completely constitutional acting decisively to fix strano’s dysfunctional Council has proven to be wildly popular among the people in fact the only people who are fighting let’s move our small group of left-wing councillors is looking to continue their free ride on the backs of the taxpayers of this great City along with a network of act groups who had given trench themselves in the power under the status quo over the years I have a great deal of respect for a Judicial System but La make power is given by the people to Ontario was elected representatives I believe the judge’s decision is deeply concerning I want to repeat that I believe this Asian is deeply deeply concerning and the result is unacceptable to the people of Ontario we are the ones who will ultimately have to face the people in election and it is the people who will be the ultimate judges of our performance and we will live up to our responsibilities to protect the people we haven’t legal counsel to immediately commence appeal proceedings to the Ontario Court of Appeal I have already called an emergency meeting of my cabinet that discuss this response and I have notified lieutenant governor Our intention to bring back the legislature back this week our first order of business will be there to reintroduce the better Local Government Act and with it in bulk section 33 of the Constitution my direction to our house leader and whip is to do what it takes to ensure that this law which is already you passed once already is reintroduced voted on and passed again on the quickest possible timetable I also want to make it clear that we’re prepared to use section 3033 again in the future we’re taking a stand if you want to make new laws in Ontario or in Canada your first my seeking men from the people and you have to be elected because it is the people who will decide what is in their best interest for this great problems
Ontario Premier Doug Ford says he will use a notwithstanding clause in an attempt to override a judge’s decision on slashing Toronto city council.

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