Doug Ford’s first year: From booze to boos | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley

Doug Ford’s first year: From booze to boos | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
Doug Ford’s first year: From booze to boos | The Weekly with Wendy Mesley
That were taking their hands in the cookie jar Thor and rallying his base at this weekend’s Ford Fest. He slammed downtown insiders and the media at the barbecue. Why well forward used to be mr. popular except these days? Maybe not so popular. His phone numbers are down way down for the people of rhetoric. Backfired somerford won a majority government, but now Ontario voters seem to be falling out of love. If an election were held today poll suggests the Tories would get about 35 % not enough to win. Another majority and Ford himself well he’s pulling at around 29 %, making him one of the least popular for years in the country. All of this might explain what happened this past Monday at the Toronto Raptors Championship parade, kyrgios dog, to be greeted by A Chorus of Boos from you know, who received a much warmer welcome, not a great moments for duct board. Just days after that, big boo, a major reset Ford demoted some of his top cabinet ministers on Friday, his teeth after some controversial patronage appointments that was just this week the week before they’re, not coming back until late October. I guess what happens in October federal election. So, what’s going on here? Well, here’s a hint Ford says: he’s not planning to campaign for the federal conservative leader Andrew Scheer. So what happened back in May Jason Kenney was happy for fourth helping his campaign, but now it’s pretty obvious here has helped the door is wide open. Kenny plans to campaign for share in Fords backyard 1 Ford was part of his conservative family photo that McClain’s labeled. The resistance now that’s words, numbers of slumped cheers opponents are gleefully using those photos to whack. The federal tories bring that game where the Raptors win. The series for by the anti conservative Coalition and Gates, Canada, Federal conservatives Andrew Scheer, he’s like a lap dog for Ford that we can never stand up afford. So how did mr. Peter become mr. unpopular taboos? How’D we get here. Ford’s first year was ripped right out of the populace. Playbook first move a little bottle or glass of champagne with a pinky up in the air in government budget deficit is now more than 13 billion dollars for drama Steve Jobs. Do workers to or nurses to our teachers and to our doctors that no one and I repeat, no one – will lose their job from Buckeye beer to beer in corner stores that went over pretty well to weave as a plan to end the gravy train started. Some of those spots on hold procedure of slump so much that he’s not welcome of the federal campaign. This fall with Andrews here in his own province. Is it a pretty incredible? I don’t know if rubrics there and wind premiers, whether they’re, liberal or conservative campaign, as Springer win did in one election on behalf of Justin Trudeau and then was not welcomed. Alberta Premier is it coming to Ontario to the campaign. Welcome it doesn’t seem that stuff for his welcome 4th promise. He would be criticized either way. Hundred percent hundred percent is not necessarily the guy that they want to muddy up Andrew cheers message whatever that is with whatever duck Portsmouth, but when you’re running a campaign you want to have one clear crystal. You know easy to understand easy to pass from word of mouth to mouth message and right now it doesn’t have that Port cell so bringing that into a federal election campaign. I don’t see the upside to that. You got win a bunch of seats in that in that area, and he must love Doug Ford right now. It’S quite something from the time it was elected a year ago. To now is pretty phenomenal, basically characterize the media as the enemy, but that was a big part of his numbers. Going down. We’Ve seen that before your newspaper, ar1 and enemy, because you need to focus people’s attention and get their their their IR up so that you can go if Doug Ford can focus all of his attention all the public. He still has a lot of support on one common enemy: that’s easy to hate, LOL! That’S awesome in control, governments all around the world these days and for some of them like they’re, a lot of freedom of the press, not I’m not saying that he’s gone there. I knew that he is portraying the media as an enemy. I mean we see where this goes and we’ve seen where populism can go knock on their butt, not on the bus having his own reporters. Does this as a chore list, as somebody who believes in Free Press right, I mean the people who write for newspapers myself included the people who run these papers, people run TV stations and TV networks and TV news operations are part of that group of people been Very successful and the World As We Know It, and we have time to think about the theoretical impact of you – know some gas that we can’t even see or smell and how that might ruin the world 50 years from now hundred years. From now the average person doesn’t have time and their days to do that they have to feed the kids in the morning, I’m dressed at about to school, get to work, work too hard. No time for lunch get home through traffic, get the kids feed them and say nothing. Tv anchors are pretty objective opinion leaders are on television and in the media come out and say the people are stupid. Cuz, that’s essentially what a lot of us have been saying. Stop loss, but even you are the only thing that there’s and the media voting for when they voted for them and they voted that way. For a reason, I just know it’s a big fans too much, possibly in the campaign with Rob Ford for mayor of Toronto and in the mayor’s office, with a very deliberate strategy to basically turn the Toronto Star in to our enemy. They were the single I started with an article saying: he’d beat up on a high school kid on a football field. That was absolutely Falls, but it worked for us and for the star, but I also think not. Out of control, because the unexpected ramifications of that the way in Trove other news outlets to sort of report on the media. There were a lot of unintended consequences, not good for journalism. The not good for democracy is Canada ready for a populist premier. We are, I think this is exactly the person that we wanted. The question is: did we get what he promised? He was very much front-and-center. Now it seems nobody wants to have their picture taken with him. I don’t read that much into it because of the foals turned around tomorrow would be knocking on this door to have a selfie, if that’s just the nature of fall. Thank you. So much for talking to me is so it’s been quite interesting.
Doug Ford’s approval rating has sunk. He’s not even campaigning for Andrew Scheer and the federal Conservatives ahead of the fall election. It’s all a big change from last summer, when Ford and the PC party won a majority government in Ontario. He was the face of populist, conservative politics in Canada. So, what happened? The Weekly investigates the limits of Ford’s populist style and rhetoric.

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