DR Congo’s journey into chaos – BBC News

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DR Congo’s journey into chaos – BBC News
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DR Congo’s journey into chaos – BBC News
What did you really need to know about the Congo? It’S the greatest single example in history, of a Predator release of millions of people and get away with it comes with one of the most mineral-rich countries in the world. It’S got gold diamond, copper, uranium, Cobalt, old town. Would you use everyday? It’S in mobile phone laptop, even jet engine, does estimated to be more than 24 trillion dollars worth of mineral wealth under Congo, soil in the world story of a great crime back in 1885, at King in search of an Empire created estate, the size of Western Europe, King Leopold of Belgium forcing 450 different ethnic groups vehicles under the natural resources as many as 10 million debt. It sparked the world’s first Human Rights Campaign, which forced the king to hand over the country to the Belgian State. The Congo Remain the place where the white man Domino xplosion enter A New Hope For Africa. The independent leader, Patrice lumumba, inspired Millions across the continent, but the West solar number as an enemy. The Belgian supported the Rebellion against the new government in the mineral-rich Easter Ben Lomand appeal to the Soviet Union for help the belgians conspired with the CIA to murder him. It paved the way for the three-decade-long rule of President Mobutu. They didn’t come any greedier in Africa. Is estimated he stole around half of the 12 billion dollars? Is country received an a country finally breaking under the strain of 26 years of autocratic and brutal dictatorship, genocide in Rwanda, the country next door so mean play the Congo War, follow the Rwanda and Uganda. I have nine African nation and numerous relatives fold each other or territory for control of Come Those riches warlord dominated waves of the country. The word used to describe you as Warlord Northeast maker warlord.. It always comes back with a peck boom of the New Millennium Congolese coton was in high demand, new commodity that we all want for. Mobile phones are for electric vehicles. The reality often is the Congo has it, and so we start to see the unscrupulous business men and women. We start to see the corrupt leaders sledge, that around 750 million dollars in mining revenues has been stolen under the rule of President Joseph kabila and his cronies are more than 70 % of the population lives below the poverty line, suffer some of the highest rates of Sexual violence in the world and human rights can often be abused with impunity., isn’t the natural condition of these people? If man-made. Is a Saturday of Congo current president, but something new and big has been happening in Congo, that protesting they’re, organizing they’re using social media in a way we’ve never seen before. Are you afraid no Chamois elections are Jewish Christmas, but Joseph kabila isn’t giving up his influence. A protege has been nominated to run for president and the political opposition is divided. Youthful idealism will face an uphill struggle against corruption and Miss rule.
The Democratic Republic of Congo should be one of the wealthiest countries in the world.

The BBC’s Africa Editor Fergal Keane looks at what went wrong.

Producers: Charlotte Pamment and Piers Scholfield

Graphics: Ian Paul Joyce

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