Dr. Oz explains the new innovative methods for open heart surgeries

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Dr. Oz explains the new innovative methods for open heart surgeries
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Dr. Oz explains the new innovative methods for open heart surgeries
Dr. Oz explains the new innovative methods for open heart surgeries
I want it comes to matters of the heart. It’S not always easy to open up. I’M talking about open heart surgery, which is a very invasive heart procedure and some experts of actually working on a device. They say it’s a better way to treat certain heart conditions from Oneness Diet. Doctor Mehmet Oz host of the dr. Oz Show welcome. So when I finish my training many many years ago, at Columbia University, I was thin around the world, see some of the great centers about that trained in Toronto, where I am right now with Tyrone Davis, I learned a lot about how people think about dealing with Heart problems in a way that I wasn’t used to it and then me and many others of my generation to get Innovative and in particular you look at the opportunities now, I’m not just a hard Caribbean Cancer Care and autoimmune diseases. We have wonderful advances that are being made. I was honored to be involved with reading the patent for the devices that now use to help repair mitral valve. That’S about the middle of the heart that we can now fix without having to open the chest, and this recent clinical trial that were all following reflected the fact that it would have been used in hundreds of people in this randomized trial play Pierre. A mitral valve is one of the right by the way it is normal now, but the stand you see that green flow of blood when you put a clip into the body from the leg again, but I open the chest: the clip grab the leaf with pull Together and then deploy that little clip a little piece of Dacron clock cover, clip repairing the valve, and that resulted in a reduction by half of the number of people roughly who are dying and the cost by about a half getting less invasive. You know if you will compare to the opening up the entire chest, and then you got a patient that you know in hospital. You know for days, perhaps even week, so very different from traditional 1 part. This is an operation that was really most useful. People were critically ill people. You wouldn’t clip their toenails much as open their chest and stop their heart. You have to prove these theories are true and that’s what this recent. While I was reflected by the way, there’s a similar device for the other main battle. The heart where we replace the valve with a stand, I was also I get innovative Advance you getting clinical trials, also revealed that it was an advantage over traditional, open heart. Surgeon was trained to do and emblematic of how we see medicine changing we’re becoming less invasive. That’S aggressive example who sells the cancer and figure out their DNA in that by knowing that use, lower dose of chemotherapy less radiation. That’S aggressive surgery to give you a similar result of the doctor, also a pleasure thanks for joining us here in Toronto.
Dr. Mehmet Oz discusses how doctors are finding new innovative ways to conduct heart surgeries.

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