Drones cause 2-day shutdown at London’s Gatwick Airport

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Drones cause 2-day shutdown at London’s Gatwick Airport
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Drones cause 2-day shutdown at London’s Gatwick Airport
Mountain crisis at a major International Airport this morning, A search is still on for whoever flew drone around Airfield outside of London. Travelers ABC James Longman has the latest this morning, some flights at taking off and Landing. Once again, one of the world’s busiest airport release the Tamil. He remains a hectic Maze of long lines in frustration, 420,000, Travelers just days before Christmas, see them at the peak of holiday travel, mysterious, drone buzzing over the Ashfield at London Gatwick Airport Authority to hold old flights in and out of the Apple selfish of you. You have hundreds of thousands of passengers That was supposed to passengers stranded in the terminal, sound forever 36 hours with outside helicopters and police on the long rifles hunting for the mystery pilot. The British government authorizing the military step in illegal, and I can face up to five years in prison officials left with no choice moving plane overnight. Mozart, she’s wearing a new Tactical option, shoot down the Drone any Siri right now on who is behind all of this? Well and me, one line of inquiry isn’t possible environmental activist. They staged protest at UK airports before I think it’s safe to say that will Apple can be to drive, and thank you, everyone, George Stephanopoulos here, thanks for checking out the ABC News, YouTube channel, if you’d like to get more video, show, highlights and watch live event Coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
The mysterious drones buzzing over the airfield impacted more than 100,000 travelers at one of the world’s busiest airports just before Christmas.

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