Drug Dealing and ‘County Lines’ – BBC News

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Drug Dealing and ‘County Lines’ – BBC News
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we have to say that an unprecedented increase not crime and the number of people that have a stop low-level volume off at Antigo high and violence which Japanese ramen an English Seaside town where tourists come to spend their money on fish and chips and fun fast but just a Street behind the bright lights of a once-thriving tourist industry does another flourishing trade good morning everyone and this one is activity is continuance of operation gravity Jose’s. Increase in violence we all know about 8 to send it please. hey Justine 16 most common with an 11 year 11 year old found in Yarmouth was exploited Muse knights with operation gravity Novak’s task forces arrested more than 650 people in relation to County Line selling set up in 2016 after Spike and violence it’s a mister come back this new drug trade of drug trafficking and the county line is simply describing a particular telephone number that is used to facilitate the distribution of drugs it can make between three and five thousand times a day so I ate a huge sum of money and when you look at these lawn some of these lines the telephone numbers have been in existence full his is known to the dealer cities often struggling with high levels of poverty easily nude by the promise of making cash out of town mom was asking me saving I would lie I get free pound a day I probably that’s about it like which is bad and nothing but my mom is working for no reason basically day in day out I’m still have nothing like no Heating in the House of Lies Michelle kokanche so once away from home the dida’s who call themselves some as young as 11 become part of a supply chain mm no lines it’s a highly successful business model which the police have been struggling to overcome the first step is finding a smaller town or city to sell from I want to see some places make more money than other than the one that landspan make money the dealers off of members of organized crime games the deprived coastal towns of England and Wales have some of the highest rates of heroin deaths in the UK but County Line Cellars this means and establish Market you thought about asking like what are users or not like I’m friendly with them or just like you’ve been so awful sometimes you you would use the house other times you would just gas money numbers yeah you just said it for my son bit blah blah blah I moved away from that they picked you up off putting it off it’s good for them to actually come back and buy off of you until I passed you on the drug addicts so they make sure they keep humming that keep coming back once the find someone’s home to move into and set up shop they will move into the house of somebody that might well have learning difficulties that might have mental health issues or might be an addict in their own right and I will use that flat tool that home so then Supply drugs tonight very very quickly move on and these people are living in absolute fear they are petrified which is the drugs I have the pants in the house yet. location in premises for sales or established the product usually heroin and crack cocaine is supplied to the workers the practice of the main Supply go like you have to go through someone else to get to the frog say it’s just the parts and supplies to feed you know nothing about it you won’t know it’s real name you want to watch him nothing you don’t leave until you leave to take this will travel from from cities from big big and conversations to places like Norwich Kingsland Great Yarmouth increasingly way seeing I think conservatively Iver thousand lines what pricing across England and Wales and in Scotland coming out of of the big Metropolis line is up and running it’s all about growing the business he’s not seen examples of marketing text message sent out to customers offering deals in Endicott rival gangs this battle for Market soupremacy open provokes extreme violence which spills onto the streets sometimes you don’t you just go to the kitchen to find something to sleep like any anything. Does potentially harmful to protect yourself that’s what you’d be rolling if you the money or something something I don’t know what’s going to happen but yeah you’re f***** we had somebody have boiling water pulled into that into that groin so again status levels of all is because all of a sudden I knew group will come in they will make them all playable turn around the sidewalk this is now I’ll territory this is not online you can buy from us and I genuinely don’t hesitate to use Monster pulling forms of violence doing compose that well to exploit vulnerable anti crap at Market simply trying to rest all the way out of this is so it is in all schools we need to work with public health with social Tarrant Housing Department the same response strategy makes that very very clear that’s the expectation that’s what other public sectors other governmental departments are expected to do still think there was some way to go before we can be really confident that we have dealt that response all joined up and there was real recognition of the weld the sophistication on the impact of this particular criminality this multi-agency approach was announced in April by the government to establish a nationwide holistic approach to dealing with the rising level of organized criminal violence which is best for being left the individual forces Simon Bailey is skeptical that this is happening there is no doubts that we are increasingly doing more and more work in sales that historically have not been part of traditional policing business there is absolutely no question about that in my mind whatsoever but we doing it necessitate disadvantaged young people are most at risk of exploitation by these criminal gangs each yet they were nearly 25000 cases of children who repeatedly go missing in London these guys being told that a significant number disappear to sell county lines but so far CPS tells us that as being only one successful prosecution does it look like a 22 year old children as young as 11 of being recruited to sell drugs with that telling us that live in traffic. Actually all the other evidence is pointing to not being people will lie to the place to try and get off drugs charges you know it and protect themselves against being cool Santa to tackle the drugs trade and the serious violence associated with it until that’s open local operations like this one here in Norfolk face the huge toss cologne
**Warning: Explicit language

The drug trade is evolving in lucrative ways for gangs in the UK.

The phrase ‘county lines’ is the term referring to the phone line used by gangs to direct drugs businesses in the towns and smaller cities of Britain.

Here we meet the people behind county lines and the police trying to stop it.

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