Ebola: Deaths in DR Congo top 2,000

Ebola: Deaths in DR Congo top 2,000
Ebola: Deaths in DR Congo top 2,000
You watching on Africa here in France – 24 – I am Judy came here – are the main headlines on the continents. A nine-year-old Congolese girl is the latest victim to die of Ebola in the world’s second-largest outbreak. Over 2,000. I’Ve died from the disease since last August. Thousands of fans bid a final farewell to the late ivorian musician DJ Arafat. A memorial concert in Arizona is taking place through the night before his burial. They thought they had on the eve of the basketball World Cup. The US makes a grateful push in Africa with the NBA sports academy in Senegal training and recruiting the best talent on the continent. What’S the death toll from the Ebola virus in DL, Congo has passed a grim Milestone of a 2000 people have now died from the illness since August 2018. The latest fatality was a nine-year-old across the border into Uganda. The disease has spread across three provinces in East Concord that countries including Uganda, it’s the second deadliest outbreak in history, Altima, 14th and 2016. Well, some more 14 vaccines, considered organizations case it to manage. I see three main factors that explain why this Outlook is more difficult to my first, where you have dozens of armed groups that I’ve made access to responders like the Red Cross, much more difficult and I’ve actually carried out organized attacks against the health workers and help With c l system evil, any tourists is extremely weak and he’s not able to manage even the basic diseases in terms of malaria, diarrhea very high Health needs. The third element is the lack of trust that has been observed in many parts of it. Going back to that, how has the situation on the ground Changed by a black is a medical stuff, since the 2014 outbreak 2014 more than 200 people after being vaccinated Foxy’s? Instead, we are only so to speak, mm X, 90 % more effective, extremely problematic, something something that I was really created. Difficulties for getting access to people come forward when they are sick for the disease. Why is it so difficult to identify and Trace people who, potentially this has been one of the major constraint in dealing with this epidemic to trust all the health system that will bring more and more people to work state facility so that they will be getting there? The treatment that they need and they will avoid infecting the ones that will be around trust, is really a before offer of the response trusted. We are the Red Cross, a trying really to push forward to the past year, and we have to do so for the next several difficult Bianca from the Red Cross. Thank you very much. Next Memorial contest and musician taking place From Dusk, Till Dawn with Ivory Coast. President also in attendance, he brought the genre, don’t speed deck. He died in an accident earlier this month at the age of 33, leaving behind five children and schools of adoring fan that take a listen to a clip of his music Bonilla stadium in the house. Papa John special reopen the tens of thousands of fans come to say goodbye for one final. Dj Arafat concert Central business district abandoned make me feel even more like a state funeral, it’s in the way, a little device stay-at-home well away from the crowds or head down on himself. She want the Chinese to be here today, but many simply don’t believe what they’ve been told. I come all the way from Togo’s to the Ivory Coast, because we thought know RDJ is not dead, believe it. So we came today for the Wake before his burial. We’Re here and we want to see his body – we don’t believe it. The host of local artists – I made 10 albums in 15 years, but he was just as prolific outside the studio is dance moves, a fashion sense and even his made-up phrase has made him one of the most influential celebrities in Ivory Coast on the screens on the Turntables and in the house DJ Arafat is everywhere. His friends are returning to the bar when he came so often to pay tribute depatie, i x DJ Arafat. What time almost every night, I had nothing by DJ mobile, especially from the Keno’s Paso claims for being a friend to verify the Rings, the frame of mind. That’S what Arafat left me with the video for song He’s collaborated on for Unicef projects to tackle child slavery. That would have been close to our Father’s Heart. Lipscomb Street did everything himself just got myself until he became pharaoh. Korea, the political artist leaves behind an immense Legacy that even is produces struggle to quantify catalog behind an unprecedented and after effects. The Rivalry between office after who will rise to the top now remains to be seen the passing of the king of kupe De kalle, please an empty throne for the princess to fight for 155 migrants have. A way into Spain’s North African Enclave seats up for Morocco. Spanish authorities say the group took advantage of Las Vegas to Spanish authorities, expelled 116 migrants food.. The number of arrivals in the Tri-Cities has Strokes since the start of this year. I’M finally, basketball countries will pay for gold, including 5 teams from Africa, Nigeria or Senegal The Impossible by opening a new NBA Academy in Africa to find the best young Talent, Africa selected through rigorous look., delete skills come from across the continent of the NBA. Is African Academy? This is the NBA’s first training center on the continent faces. The aim is to develop basketball to develop the NBA across the continent, because we have had, as I was telling you before. A long history of great players that have come from this continent has made history in the NBA Telus for Dryden VA NBA. Anyone in the NBA franchise would be great, but Lakers would be the best Steph Curry NBA. Have they made a decision to make sure we get the leadership, skills, time management, skills or life skills, all the things that are necessary in order to successful? So it’s not just about basketball this championship? Well, that’s it! For me, this morning is coming up next with Charlie chain State you into France, 24
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The Ebola death toll in DR Congo has reached a grim milestone. Over 2,000 people have died from the virus since August 2018 as health authorities struggle to contain it. Music fans in the Ivory Coast pay tribute to king of ‘coupé décalé’ DJ Arafat at a concert in Abidjan. And we take a look the NBA’s first basketball academy in Africa nurturing the continent’s best young talent ahead of the Basket Ball World Cup.

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