Economic migrants in Libya opt to return home

Economic migrants in Libya opt to return home
This group of Philippine ambassador to be living working in Libya for years they are not having trouble getting paid. Some haven’t received any money since 2016. I came so how much you love, but we cannot stand any more desperation, the field and distress the specific Services attended, mainly by Africans. Most of them are from Nigeria and the guitar Fiera live your up at work opportunities in good wages, and some have have been there forever 20 years have papers and had chosen to stay in the country now, with cash shortages in the bank’s in the plummeting Libyan Dinar many want to return to country of origin with the clothes Sports in Italy and Malta and the other other places. Now it’s difficult to travel. Many are not having money management for me, sometimes difficult in receiving the payment, so they have practically sometimes no choice except this Choice over and returning back to their home country. After the mass Unity gathers in the courtyard in front of the church, now that’s become too dangerous difficult. All they do is exploit people. Sometimes you work and get nothing in return. If you can play in the guns come out, everyone has a gun here. That’S the problem: I’m ready to leave with you play Whitney, has decided to stay in Libya but to send the rest of the family back to Nigeria. He lives in this one-room flat with his wife and their two small children initially came to Tripoli, helping to send a money home to start the business is sending money. Home Bank is not working he’s. The reason why I even decided now that my family must go home Olympia, hoping the iom will provide them with
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Before the 2011 revolution that led to the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya attracted many migrants seeking a better future. Since the revolution, the economic and security situation has degraded to the extent that people who have been living in the country for decades are trying to leave. Our reporters James André, Julie Dungelhoeff and Abdallah Malkawi travelled to meet them.

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