El Chapo trial: Former prison warden testifies on cartel murders

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El Chapo trial: Former prison warden testifies on cartel murders
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El Chapo trial: Former prison warden testifies on cartel murders
In the trial of Joaquin El Chapo, Guzman Tuesday, the former prison Warden, who helped him Escape in 2001, took the stand. That was a Lopez, told the jury about apples, Ambitions to experiment with synthetic cocaine that you often texted and El Chapo wants, as Lopez to assassinate a cop, but it was ordered by a local mayor. El Chapo, suggested Lopez and make it look like a gang member. Has sought Revenge so doing this? Now is criminal defense lawyer and former prosecutor vinoo varghese, you’ve been keeping us up-to-date with all things are going with your Chapel trial and man. There was like some do these for sure. I think first off, let us start with, as I go through my questions here. That’S within the Sinaloa cartel anyway, talk about the case and the tryout we’re sort of giggling a little wacky things, but in order to run a drug cartel set an example and he was known as another nickname. He was known as the Assassin Virgo, so he knew he work for El Chapo. In one day, El Chapo found out that his cousin was playing hooky cousin was out of town is cousin’s name was juancho answers. Cousin said he was out of town from school. Instead of and had him killed his own cousin, I said, keep your friends close, but the violences is extremist things that most people can’t comprehend water to well over a hundred murders. So awful awful contribute to the argument that he ran the Sinaloa cartel, but just to remind everyone, you see this guy is kind of short. Is dinner, dressed in a suit. Maybe doesn’t look like a drug kingpin just to remind them he’s a bad guy, a job pretty well witness, after witness of a bad things, with terrible awful things that aren’t that have been going on. But you know, speaking of suits, they both wore red velvet suits and nothing says, love more than try look like twins for the same exact thing. I guess they were trying to make some sort of statement love his mistress or former mistress finished up her on testimony meeting up with El Chapo in starting the relationship. Sad tell you, no drugs make you do crazy things. She was known her nickname. She had a nickname was chocolate. Dip. Utada is WIC that we talked about it last week. She was with El Chapo when they escaped and running you through the he looks like I’m, not sure I mean the reason she’s testifying is is to really just rub it into the wife: wouldn’t cooperate with the governor play about whether or not a border wall from Sea to shining sea would really make a difference when it comes to this kind of drug trafficking. The New York Times wrote an article basically saying a border wall will be completely right right and we weave Freeman’s through regular Passenger cars, bringing into the sea bringing them in through Rail lines, bringing them into underground tunnel. There was a tunnel tunnel Arizona and that’s how they transported some of the stuff. So you know it is a question of whether it’s it’s really going to stop. President Trump talks about stopping illegal immigration, Aaron United States, Canada or other ways to get this, isn’t that the truth?
Former prison director Dámaso López took the stand in the El Chapo trial, telling the jury about his dark relationship with the drug lord. López told the jury about the hit El Chapo ordered on his own cousin, and how he ordered the assassination of a police officer. Criminal defense attorney Vinoo Varghese joined CBSN to sort through the testimony and discuss how this trial influences the border wall debate.

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