El Helicoide: The Shopping Mall That Became A Torture Prison – BBC News

El Helicoide: The Shopping Mall That Became A Torture Prison – BBC News
In the heart of the Venezuelan Capital, Seneca he’s one of the most notorious prisons. Criminals live alongside political prisoners, have been reports of horrific human rights abuses. I’Ve been taking two former prisoners and guards to find out, what’s really going on inside a liquid and to understand what it tells us about Venezuela’s catastrophic declined from Latin American Power House to economically disaster self Venezuela spiral into chaos in 2014 and 2017 after 15 years Of revolutionary socialists rule president Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, the economy was in Ruins, hyperinflation, food shortages, crime, the protesters were met by Riot Penney’s in thousands were arrested. Many were brought to the headquarters of a field Venezuelan secret police nearest art of Venezuela itself. This is an absolutely iconic building across the hall of Latin America. This is the building that was supposed to be a 300 stool spiral, shopping mall. This is huge. This is really big. Cos was supposed to set tonight. These were up to the top it supposed to be visible from any point in the valley of Caracas. What makes an indelible mark named after its borrow helical structure, was assigned in the 1950s. Can you explain what the political and social context of Venezuela was back then? Is a country experiencing profound change? Globally was seeing the kind of post World War II reconstruction and Venezuelan oil. The industry was booming. There was a real investment in this idea of instant mydentity. It is a country that from 1948 has ended a period of military dictatorship and the Mandate was, we will progress if we build, the price has boasted that you had the equivalent of all of the other stores and most of the city in one place. So you got that was Cinemas. That was a hotel in the club price of different stools. I was going to be a shop-window for everything that Venezuela caffeine, but in 1958 the regime was overthrown just months from completion. This is really the fundamental factor in the building’s history and when it becomes abandoned, Austin 1982, the state still doesn’t know what to do with this white elephant. So decision is made to give two of the floors to the intelligence place for more than three decades. In the headquarters of a Venezuelan intelligence service, no known as the Sabine today, it’s hard to find any analytical. The building reflects this downward spiral of Fortune’s. It’S a sitting inside to see if shantytowns, what we’re confronted with this economy, define political polarization authoritarianism invited in this building that has had an absolute 190° changing fortunes is someone who knows a building, well-known, LGBT rights and political activist. He was arrested during the 2014 protest and accused of helping Finance them or charge nice ass, but I’m yelling. Where can I get present during this time – we’re two prison guards who have agreed to speak to the BBC inside and we can’t reveal their identities. They feared government reprisals against the family’s. Their names are voices having changed and they have both scenes left in security service, memento Diamond Braces. I want to eat you Ethiopian Seattle party, Lucero, l-serine, assume Organic Market intelligence, a sandwich. as more and more arrests were made. Protesters and regular criminals were crammed side-by-side into improvised the prison cells. Portulaca Cafe jawun Helena the prisoners have names for each of these improvised sells the fish tank little tiger a little hell, but the most feared of the mole was told. Guantanamo Patek Philippe Sing Sing Sing by Benny Goodman. The nearest Metro, impressive in Guantanamo agua purificada de plastico, with so many arrests there was intense pressure in the guards to secure a confession, whatever the cost, the meaning of PS Terminator he’s, not the Quanto tempo. muchas veces La Tortura, sistematico bartavelle, porcentaje. Sesame, I can white Wine online CC the needle forcing prisoners into making a confession. 64 year old retired pilot Solace spend two years inside Head Court accused of financing anti-government activities HR his family, the noise. They said he was subjected to months of Relentless psychological pressure, louana coconut with transfer to Dad female prisons where he was allegedly told he would face certain death at the hands of a drug gangs, kidnappers and running the place. What is Yolanda, Contour imprisonment ended abruptly when 2016 he fell seriously. Ill judge authorized this transfer to a clinic, but at the last moment the Serene intervene definition of Christina terraria. What is a medical episode assembly days after he’s released from prison in November 2016? He was sworn into Congress becoming the country’s first openly gay congressman and he began testifying about what he had. Unexperienced email leak, oil inmate to control of the person demanding better conditions and freedom, security officials regained control shortly after and many prisoners were released or transferred to other prisons. According to former prisoners, 150 iCarly detained at the jail, but was the country remains in turmoil. The question remains: when will the headache Hood Rich Breaking Point once again on the outside? Venezuela continues to descend further into Crysis 1 million percent Lance Armstrong to afford even basic items such as food and toiletries and those who can face NeverEnding. Cues Public Services, like schools and transferred, are breaking down and hospitals are running short of life-saving drugs. More than 3 million desperate Venezuela’s have left the country hoping to find a better life. I Manuel and Victor Mature helicopter parts, cancion de Venezuela in 2017. He was granted asylum in France, for he continues to campaign for changing vans good for him and for many former teammates ellacoya continues to cast a long shadow New Castle.
El Helicoide was supposed to be an iconic shopping mall, but it’s now one of Venezuela’s most notorious political prisons and home to the country’s feared secret police.

The BBC has been investigating the jail and has been able to reconstruct scenes from inside, based on accounts from former detainees and extremely rare interviews with former security officers, to paint a remarkable picture of life inside one of Venezuela’s darkest places.

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