El Paso GOP mayor: Trump got this wrong about my city

El Paso GOP mayor: Trump got this wrong about my city
Activators try to strike a deal to avoid another government shutdown. If you can believe it, President Trump is making his case by going right to the Border. Today. This is after the mayor. There are Republicans, so the administration should stop vilifying his town and visited meredy Margo rights quote we in El Paso, Texas or community that transcends the Border, while summer concerned pictures to celebrate it. While others Embrace building a wall, we were, we were mines them a fence. Already exists so joining us now is El Paso mayor and thank you for being with us as the president. What’S your messages, he welcomed him to El Paso 4 months. If you want to learn about the Border, you need to come to El Paso. We are the largest u.s. city on the Mexican border and we’re kind of really one region of two and a half million watch people. So I’m pleased he’s coming in and hopefully we’ll get a chance to visit and talk about and see firsthand what the Border really looks like and how we are so closely intertwined for almost 400 years between El Paso and Juarez. As you’re aware that the president has used El Paso’s experience to justify his demand for a border barrier claiming that the wall there reduced crime CNN fact check this, others have I’m going to put a wrap up on the screen here. That shows that in fact, crime violent crime in El Paso came down four years before a border wall decision in 2006 picked up a bit around the time it was built in 2008. I’M just curious because I know your position is: have a board broad discussion here. The barriers have their role, but it’s not all about berries, but but but this is a central part of the president’s argument there that you need the barriers. Otherwise, we’re going to have a sort of wave of criminals coming across the border from Mexico is that action? Is that justification misleading in your view, but what he was actually in the state of the union? He was really correct at the end of his remarks about El Paso that we are the safest city, but the preposition remarks were here tackling would have been said by our attorney general few weeks ago in McAllen. That was wrong. If people have contacted me about our attorney general for the marks, I would have corrected it at that time as well State of the Union when it when he made this claim about crime Rising there without the barrier exactly we were going back to 2005. One of the safest cities in the nation, the the barrier went up and go, the fence went up, and it’s only about 10 miles long and that’s in the total. Fencing in the El Paso sector is about 78 miles and it’s not continuous border security. But it’s not the total Panacea, but the remarks that the president made in the in the State of the Union were were stated originally almost verbatim by our attorney general some weeks ago. In that’s where the erroneous comment came from that that we’re not correct, and I’m just wondering if you reached out following the State of the Union, to correct them it’s there and if so, what the response was. Where did directly reach you? I would reach out to public media when everyone else was commenting. I reached out on my own personal media and I responded every every interview. I’Ve been requested since last Tuesday evening to correct the record, but when he comes in, if we get a chance to visit I’ll reiterate their got to your area, there just explain that to the folks at home who don’t live in Border communities and and maybe hearing Different stories about about the economic, positive, economic benefits of what happens along the border, explain that to folks understand well from a training standpoint. We would have said it before we. We have 82 billion, where, like the 10th or 11th largest to trading for the United States, with 82 Goods Imports between here and in Mexico, we have a hundred and fifteen thousand employees tied to the maquiladora program with Manufacturing in Mexico. There are five hundred fifty nine employees in northern Mexico tied to the maquiladora program and that’s where you send raw materials from the United States over to to to Mexico and in Juarez, and they are assembled and manufactured and they come back across and Duties are paid On the Labour value-added and that’s been going on for many years, we are closely tied economically with with Mexico, with families on both sides. We have the economics on both sides, appreciate you taking the time, it’s always good to have you on the air and going to walk us through the fax along the border. We hope to have you back again.
El Paso, Texas, Mayor Dee Margo says President Trump was incorrect when he claimed in his State of the Union address that crime in El Paso went down after a border wall was constructed.

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