El Paso shooting labelled ‘domestic terrorism’ case

El Paso shooting labelled ‘domestic terrorism’ case
El Paso shooting labelled ‘domestic terrorism’ case
Not one but two mass shootings in just 13 hours, at least 29 people killed in separate massacres, one here in Texas, the other of course in Ohio. We have been to so many of these and honestly are harder and harder to come by and the sadness on. The faces of the families whose lives have been destroyed here in El Paso tonight Saturday morning family’s been diving for cover from gunfire that was relentless inside that store. There were thousands inside the Walmart running in fear. I was pulled just today about the children who ran for their lives on their own stores. Nearby were on lockdown police searched for the gunman First Responders, helping the wounded and, of course, discovering the dead, so many lives lost here at least 20 dead at 26 injured. I talked with the police chief here just moments ago and what he revealed to me about the possible, why do suspect proof 600 Mi to get here terrified families their hands up in the air running for their lives? Past? Aren’T police evacuating this El Paso ball. The first call coming in 10:39 Saturday morning there was chaos, SWAT team is responding to reports of an active shooter and they soon realized that gunfire is inside the Walmart inside the Walmart, thousands of Shoppers 100 employees. It was a busy Saturday morning, parents and grandparents and the children by their back to school supplies. Please make it to the please tonight, with armed with an assault-style rifle at authorities believe based on what they read and what they heard from him. He was there to shoot as many Mexicans as possible Pitbull here in El Paso. It just five miles from the US Mexico border Community from here in El Paso shops here and so do residents of nearby Forest across the border. They come here into the u.s. to shop. When is it say, the Rampage began, the Gutman they say, shooting his way in Walmart is weapon, pointed straight ahead, wearing ear protection and tactical glasses inside Shoppers, family members crawling on their stomachs seeking cover under benches, whatever shelter it. Why gunfire with lentils, Kendall long and his wife, Kiana shooter shooter restart papa papa puppies, going going going going to the back of the store? How to get a metal storage container? I blocked out, as we speak Authority’s for time, we’re not sure if there was more than one shooter, we need people to stay away. Alice was shopping with her mother. She said it was a normal morning until she heard that gun go. We heard like shots like three shots: Boom Boom Boom, 1. 2 3. She told her mother to get down when she looked up the suspect with a gun in his tactical gear. Just 15ft. You just start to shoot. Everyone just started to shoot and and what I did my first instinct was to get people out of their senior citizen, lady, that I tried to help and I couldn’t – and I just told you to move faster as you could have moved faster to. I left her. There and I needed to get out because the shooter was getting closer and closer, and so I was just I just told you to get down and hide when they finally got outside. They saw the body’s the gunshots continued in the parking lot. Confusion and panic desperately e Holbert searching for her mother Angie, 86 years old and missing other inside that store First Responders, helping the wounded this woman covered in blood, another woman wheeled out to shopping, cart, there. She been shot in the leg. The police chief here in El Paso, at a loss for words it for yourself and I first got into this job. I never knew there was an older to blood, but there is – and they tell you firsthand – see that my description of it as far as horrific would be fun serving as far as what they he looks like 20 minutes. After that, first shot was fired. They have the suspect in custody, leading away in handcuffs right now we have a manaphy so from this individual. That indicates to some degree. 8 has a Nexus to potential hate crime and several magazines were recovered at the scene. Patrick rothfuss is from Allen Texas, 600 miles away from El Paso. Nearly a 10-hour drive at Lake today, the police chief here with us, was it your proximity to the Border. I think both, I think both authorities and local officials hear warning. Something must be done. We have a gun, violence epidemic, but we also have a hate epidemic and until we confront that hate until we confront the weak gun laws that we have we’re going to keep saying at the centers were families are gathering at the hospital’s. The English families still anxious. For news asking, if any, I see her brother-in-law laundry, they looked all night, 26 % off their search comes after her family already heard the unthinkable. For 25 year old sister Jordan, a mother-of-three was killed, while protecting her two-month-old son. Her sister lead at telling the Associated Press from the baby’s injuries. They said that more than likely, my sister was trying to Shield him so when she got shot she was holding him and she fell on him. So that’s why he broke some of his bones, but he lived because she gave her life so many victims here from babies to senior citizens and the toll staggering 20 dead more than two dozen injured. What throw him was it he apparently so at the justice department says their going to pursue to the best they can hate crimes, charges domestic terrorism charges here. So the writings in the so-called Manifesto match what you’ve been telling other leaders in this community for Universal in their language here today and their own messaging, saying more needs to be done to protect communities across this country. And of course we are thinking about those family. Still waiting for news on their loved ones tonight and watch live event coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
The horrific mass shooting at a shopping center in Texas that killed 20 is now being treated as domestic terrorism.

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