Eleven years old and locked up – BBC News

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Eleven years old and locked up – BBC News
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ukulele la vida normally it’s full of happy families on holiday but I’m here to find a family that was torn apart by Trump’s recent Crackdown an immigration and I’m hoping to see them reunited again Timber Calvin to find me her favorite picture of Brian her 11 year old grandson in May immigration officials created Brian from his family and sent him to a shelter for immigrant children in Baltimore every time that she called him on the phone throughout these three months she tells me that she remembers him smiling like this I first met Brian his dad Jose and his little brother Jade back in April they were halfway through a dangerous 50-day Journey on foot from Honduras when they join the Caravan of hundreds of my now they are in 3 different places yeah it is with Rosa and her family in Orlando Jose was deported back to Honduras and Brian has been struggling detention bartender Journey to the u.s. Honduras in Central America has one of the world’s highest murder rates his mother was killed 2 years ago local news reports of her homicide say members of The Notorious m 13 gang we’re involved yes we are talking girl said that the phone call so I still win horace’s it’s Brian social worker saying he’s going to be released please do not leave love you anytime to get Brian back Rosa had to find the money for his flights herself his social worker also told her to get a bigger apartment it’s a lot of money for an unskilled worker like Rosa but she has been doing EX hours at heart construction job and has borrowed money from her boss it’s broken many times on the phone but this is the first time Brian and Rosa have met face-to-face Brian is one of the lucky ones according to volunteer it doesn’t look like all of the two and a half thousand children will be reunited with their parents when they started to go in and which is time alone so now we’re facing this crisis where we have friends that have been deported with other kids and then we have parents that are still here but we don’t know where their kids are so we’re hoping that we will have all these families for the reality is that we don’t know if it’s going to happen Brian traveled alone so before they head off Ross Emma’s prove she is his legal guardian back at home Bryan is smiling a lot but saying very little so the little brothers are back together again they’re happy enjoying video games just like any kid but someone’s missing from this whole scene and that’s Jose their father and neither Bryan or day you know when they will see him again skip over this torturous process is not over for Brian he seeking Asylum and it could be years before the US government decides if you can stay for good
The separation of migrant children from their parents at the border was part of President Trump’s zero tolerance policy towards immigrants.

The policy was revoked after a public outcry and 2,500 separated children aged between five and 17 were supposed to be reunited with their families this week.

In Orlando, Florida the family of 11-year-old Brayan is desperately waiting for him to be released.

Reporter: Patricia Sulbaran Lovera Producer: Paul Ivan Harris
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